Across Canada
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Every day we work to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world. Our business is communications, but our reach goes far beyond this. As one of Canada’s largest companies, we believe the way we invest – our time, our money, and our passion – will make a positive difference. We are driven to continually improve our impact and our contribution to society. With our connectivity commitments in remote communities and the largest cities, as well as investments in mental health initiatives, environmental sustainability, and an engaged workplace, we look to create a thriving, prosperous and more connected world. As a company we’re invested in the bigger picture. We’re invested in creating a better today. And a better tomorrow. We couldn’t be more excited about it.

Better Workplace

As one of Canada’s largest employers, we support diversity, equity and inclusion in our workforce, as well as continuous learning, innovative workplace mental health initiatives, and award-winning programs for team member engagement.

Better Community

By investing and acting responsibly, we help build better communities across the country, and contribute to bettering Canada’s economy across all regions.

Better World

From support for mental health and protecting the environment, to accessibility and privacy, we are investing in society for a better tomorrow.