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TalentEgg Expands To Better Equip Students and New Graduates for Early Career Success

TalentEgg Now Offers Soft Skills E-Learning Courses To Bridge Students from Backpack to Briefcase, and from Briefcase to Boardroom

October 27, 2022, Toronto, Ontario, It’s no secret the transition from school to work is challenging for many post-secondary students, despite accessing quality educational experiences.

In Canadian post-secondary programs, students learn theory, application and gain technical skills that are integral in their future careers, however, employers have recognized the need for Canadian graduates to enhance their soft skills in preparation for a softer workforce landing.

Many employers believe the value of soft skills is at least, if not more, important than technical job competency. A recent study by SHRM shows that breakdown in communication alone costs a company up to $420,000 per year, highlighting the need to equip employees with the soft skills they need to be productive in the workplace.

International students, who are becoming increasingly critical to institutional revenues, are often falling through the cracks without supplementary Canadian soft skills training, often having difficulty getting hired.

Today's workforce needs soft skills now, more than ever. With only so much time to deliver quality education, it's hard to fit it all in. Working with certified adult educators, clinical psychologists and other subject matter experts, TalentEgg has expanded to better equip Canadian students and graduates with soft skills e-learning courses and certificate programs with the soft skills needed for a successful transition from school to work.

"We are pleased to be on the forefront of tackling one of Canada’s most significant employment challenges in closing the gap between soft skills and workforce entry" said Mary Barroll, President of TalentEgg. "Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce, and offering students more opportunities to learn and practice their soft skills benefits employers, and showcases the commitment of post secondary institutions to produce high quality graduates."

TalentEgg is helping to close the soft skills gap through two specialized eLearning Programs: Backpack to Briefcase: Introduction to Workplace Soft Skills and Briefcase to Boardroom: Intermediate Soft Skills to Advance Careers.

Post-secondary institutions and employers can learn more at:, or by contacting