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TalentEgg Talks live from the Egg Carton is a half-hour live Q&A with expert guests hosted on TalentEgg’s Facebook and Instagram. It's an egg-cellent opportunity to interact with industry professionals and get answers to your career questions!

TalentEgg Talks Q&A with Career Connections

May 6, 2020

Insurance is so much more than you think. With endless opportunities, stability and meaningful work, you can find a spot in this industry no matter what your background is.

On May 6th, TalentEgg will be hosting a Q&A with Career Connections recruitment experts. We'll be answering your questions about starting your career in the insurance industry and any other career questions you have.

Submit your questions in advance for our special guest, Trevor Buttrum, Career Connections Program Manager at the Insurance Institute. Trevor has over 15 years of experience in career development and campus recruitment and he's going to answer your questions about insurance careers, virtual networking, making the most of your job search, how to stand out as a candidate and so much more! Stay connected for the answers on our social media channels Instagram and Facebook!

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