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Student Co-op Program

Your co-op experience is meant to prepare you for the real world, and our paid co-op opportunities will empower you to take on challenging work after you graduate. Throughout your term, you’ll gain first-hand exposure to what life is like at a large organization. You’ll work alongside industry leaders and mentors who will support your overall growth, and you’ll be responsible for business-impacting work that will help you transition into the various new grad opportunities we offer post-graduation. We want you to explore our organization so you can find your fit within it.

Winter Term - Roles are posted to school career sites in September
Summer Term - Roles are posted to school career sites in January
Fall Term - Roles are posted to school career sites in May

"What surprised me most about working at Rogers was the great support and training that was readily available. Working for a large corporation it was great to be quickly and warmly welcomed to the team with continuous support."

Rogers M-School

Rogers Media’s M-School provides interns with an opportunity to gain invaluable, real-world industry experience that enhances classroom learning. The fast-paced, one-of-a-kind program focuses on three M’s: Magazine content, Multimedia, and Multiplatform. Established in 2012, M-School is an exceptional opportunity to interact with some of the industry’s most influential leaders. One of the most exciting features of the curriculum is the classroom seminars, which are led by Rogers Media VIPs and provide a 360-degree overview of the entire publishing environment.

Roles are posted to school career sites in September. Find out more here.

"I was placed in an environment that encouraged me to hit the ground running. That was a challenge, but it pushed me to strive to be my very best."
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