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New Grad Leadership
Development Program

Gain cross-functional experience across our various Business Units with the Rogers New Grad Leadership Development Program and kick-start your career with us!

Your first rotation: As a new grad in this program, you’ll start your Rogers journey exploring the customer experience. Our customers are part of our family, and we always look after family. In order to be successful here, you need to understand our customers, so your first week is spent getting immersed in the front line customer experience.

Your second rotation: Once you have an understanding of the customer experience, you’ll move into your first rotation and deep dive into your business focus group. This is where you’ll spend seven-months gaining direct experience in the area of our business you’ve chosen to explore. Here, you’ll leverage your educational background and skills to drive business success; we want you to work on real projects and implement solutions that will help move our business forward.

Your third rotation: Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, build connections, and broaden your understanding of how things work at Rogers in a rotation before returning back to your business focus group. At Rogers, we win as one team, or not at all, so this cross-functional team will encourage collaboration, strengthen our alignment, and build trust across the organization.

Access to leadership: Throughout the entire program, you’ll have exposure to leadership and development training that will foster your potential. You’ll be paired with an all-star support structure made up of an advisor, and coach who will work with you to ensure your professional goals and objectives are realized. We’ll also organize social and networking opportunities to help connect you with your peers, colleagues and senior leaders.

Roles are posted to school career sites in September

"One thing I’ve learned about myself during my time at Rogers is that you have to remain curious. As a new grad we get to make the connections of how teams within Rogers work together to provide the best products and services for our customer. Even though I don’t work on certain platforms, I still try to knowledge myself on them and meet the teams that work on it."

CPA Approved Training Office (ATO) Program

The journey towards your CPA designation starts here. We’re an approved training office, and our three-year rotational program offers the necessary structure you need to complete your hours – from exam preparation to professional experience, we ensure you’re set up for success as a Rogers employee and future CPA.

Roles are posted to school career sites in September

"New grads should consider joining Rogers because you’d be entering an exciting industry! With all the sports and media properties, changing technology and fierce competition, there’s always something new and exciting happening within these walls. It’s great to be a part of it!"

Rogers M-School

Rogers Media’s M-School provides interns with an opportunity to gain invaluable, real-world industry experience that enhances classroom learning. The fast-paced, one-of-a-kind program focuses on three M’s: Magazine content, Multimedia, and Multiplatform. Established in 2012, M-School is an exceptional opportunity to interact with some of the industry’s most influential leaders. One of the most exciting features of the curriculum is the classroom seminars, which are led by Rogers Media VIPs and provide a 360-degree overview of the entire publishing environment.

Roles are posted to school career sites in September. Find out more here.

"Every day I'm involved in or learn something new and exciting. This is a place you can make real difference and work side by side with a large group of passionate and talented people. Rogers provides the support and opportunity to build upon what you learned in school and develop your network to take your career where you want it to go."
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