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Go Green Committee

'At TJX Canada we have a Go Green Team made up of volunteer Associates that lead engagement activities throughout the year. The team produces events and educational materials that help demonstrate how Associates can incorporate sustainable values into their lives. Here are a few examples of how TJX and our Associates take part in making an environmental difference:

"Turn Over a New Leaf" program: encourages Associates to take sustainable actions in the workplace or at home by making a pledge in one of our four focus areas: Green Transport, Green @ Home, Waste Free and Foodprints (reducing their diet-related environmental impacts)

Go Green Co-op Legacy Program: used to educate and empower our co-ops to incorporate sustainability into their time at TJX by running educational programs or sponsoring events to help make a difference

Local projects throughout the year including:

  • creating a beautiful patio vegetable and herb garden,
  • quarterly newsletters and education campaigns,
  • annual sustainable merchandise showcase events like EcoFest and Holiday Market

Eco Hero program in our stores and distribution centres to identify and recognize associates taking initiative to Go Green in each region of the country


We are focused on initiatives that are smart for our business and good for the environment. Our key areas of focus include energy efficiency, reducing fuel usage, recycling and waste management, and greener building designs. Caring for the environment isn’t something we do because it’s trendy—we’ve been on the FTSE4GOOD stock index for nearly 20 years running.

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Our new charitable initiative Find Your Stride is dedicated to helping vulnerable women achieve economic independence so that they and their families can thrive in life. We have identified three core areas of support:

i. Providing women with the personal supports they need

ii. Helping women gain skills and expand their knowledge

iii. Making sure women feel safe and secure

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