Maple Leaf Foods

New Graduate Career Development Program

The Leadership Track Graduate Program is Maple Leaf Foods’ early leadership development program for talented, driven and ambitious graduates. Participants in this three-year rotational program will develop leadership and functional expertise in preparation to be a future Maple Leaf Foods leader. Following completion of the program, successful participants graduate into roles at Maple Leaf Foods, where they will continue to grow their careers.


We are recruiting the next generation of Maple Leaf Foods leaders, so finding the right fit is critical.

Who we are looking for:

  • Up and coming graduates within the last two years or students soon to graduate from university or college with a minimum overall B average
  • Passion for manufacturing and operations
  • Strong affiliation with Maple Leaf Foods’ Leadership Values
  • Flexible and willing to relocate to take advantage of the best opportunities across Canada and U.S.
  • Demonstrated leadership through work experiences, volunteer roles, community activities and sports

  • Confident without being arrogant
  • High-degree of energy and initiative demonstrated through involvement in school, clubs, community services and sports
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Team player, with the ability to build and maintain working relationships.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills

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What we offer:

  • Annual performance reviews along with ongoing coaching and constructive feedback. Significant emphasis is placed on a development action plan to ensure employees obtain the skills and experiences they need to achieve their maximum potential
  • Senior-level mentorship for both business and functional expertise and advice
  • Learning and networking opportunities through organized workshops and activities
  • Substantial on-the-job learning and specialized leadership training
  • Competitive salary, benefits and pension plan

How to apply

The Leadership Track Graduate Program position will be posted on our Maple Leaf Foods Careers site each September, with an application deadline of mid-October. We also post at various post-secondary institutions across Canada.

  • Prepare a cover letter, and outline in it the function you would like to apply for
  • Include your cover letter, resume and transcript (official or unofficial) with your application