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At Maple Leaf Foods, we are proud of our company, our products and our role in providing safe, great tasting, nutritious food to help nurture people’s potential during every meal of the day. Our values-based culture, our passionate people and our clear vision to be the most sustainable protein company on earth makes us an exciting place to work

What's your Passion?

Agricultural Operations

As a vertically integrated Canadian company that owns hog production facilities, poultry hatcheries and processing plants, and has long-term relationships with farmers, we are well-positioned to implement best practices across our supply chain. We fundamentally believe in the important linkages between animal care, workplace safety, food safety and quality, and environmental sustainability.

Corporate and Public Affairs

As a publicly traded company, Maple Leaf Foods relies on a group of talented people to manage our corporate responsibilities. These teams and these activities are integral to our company’s success – both today and into the future.

Finance and Accounting

When you embark on a financial career with a business that produces hundreds of Canada’s most popular brands, the question isn’t so much ‘what work will you do?’, but ‘what work won’t you do?’. If you’re up to the challenge, there is no limit to how far a finance career at Maple Leaf Foods will take you.

Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Technical Services

Maple Leaf Foods is devoted to providing consumers with high-quality, great tasting food produced in a safe environment. That’s where the talented people in our Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Technical Services teams come in.

Human Resources

If you see yourself as a business-focused expert, you will love working in Human Resources (HR) at Maple Leaf Foods. Our HR team members are focused on our business goals and have a passion for building our highly aligned, capable and motivated workforce. At Maple Leaf Foods, it really is people and culture first!

Information Solutions

Do you have a passion for technology and a desire to build, deploy and maintain world-class IT systems? Being a part of the Maple Leaf Foods Information Solutions team means joining a mission to deliver, support and improve the information systems and infrastructure that enable our people to manage the business.

Manufacturing & Engineering

With Maple Leaf Foods’ strategic decision to significantly invest in leading-edge scale, technology and productivity, a career in manufacturing and engineering can lead you into a variety of innovative and progressive opportunities.

Marketing & Sales

Our Marketing and Sales teams define and execute a world-class, go-to-market strategy for our industry-leading products. These two teams work closely together, offering opportunities to deepen business leadership experience through cross-functional development.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is the foundation of Maple Leaf Foods’ fact-based and disciplined culture. Six Sigma is our approach to driving continuous improvement and is used to improve quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. It is embedded in our Values and is visibly championed by our senior leaders.

Supply Chain & Purchasing

Our Supply Chain team drives best-in-class performance in demand and supply planning, customer fulfillment, and distribution and transportation. Our Purchasing team has a strategic role in ensuring we work with only the most innovative, responsive and competitive suppliers.