Humber College - Insurance Management Program

Why insurance? 

  • On the surface it seems boring. 
  • Risk is everywhere. 
  • When you get to learn more about it … it is fascinating. 
  • Insurance is everywhere. and everything you own or bought has insurance attached to it. 
  • All of the exciting events in the world have insurance attached to it… such as cyber-attacks, severe weathers and automobile accidents. 

Is the insurance industry stable? 

  • This industry is so stable it is often referred to as recession proof.
  • Even during the pandemic of 2020 our students were extended offers through the lock down. Often I have more opportunities than I have students.
  • The insurance industry added 12,000 jobs since the last recession. 

I know nothing about insurance? 

  • The Insurance Management Program and Insurance Industry will teach you about the industry and look to compliment your skills, experience and education and help you start and develop an amazing career in a great industry.
  • The insurance industry has a place for everyone, and those that have started exciting careers within it have never looked back. 
  • The insurance industry draws from so many different areas such as health care, business, project management, IT and legal as some of the examples. 

Do graduates get jobs in insurance? 

  • Currently the insurance industry is in a talent crisis with over 27% of the current workforce deemed to retire in the next 5-10 years.
  • 95% of students get hired out of the Insurance Management Program into exciting full-time roles in the insurance industry. Some receive multiple offers including international students.

    The Humber Insurance Management has built an excellent reputation both academically and professionally amongst employers. 

  • Graduates get hired fast, and many often receive multiple offers.
  • Even during the pandemic of 2020 our students were extended offers through the lock down. Often I have more opportunities than I have students.

Are there opportunities for advancement? 

What if I am not good at accounting or math?

The Humber Experience

  • There are multiple opportunities for advancement. That is all dependent on how hard you work. 
  • This is one industry that recognizes great talent… and develops it. 

    Will I enjoy working in insurance? 
    • Insurance is about helping people. 
    • You are either protecting them from eventual risk, or you are helping them put their lives back together after they have experienced a claim. 
    • 94% of those in the industry are proud to work within it. 
    • 97% of those in the industry feel as though they are making a difference in their role. 
    • Many parents try and get their sons and daughters into the insurance industry. 
    What is the starting salary? 

    The overall compensation package is very attractive for students with benefits, stock options, RRSP’s and a great salary. The starting salary range is between $45,000 to $55,000. 

    • Average 5 year salary is $110,000
    • What types of jobs are available for graduates? 

      Graduates typically start in roles such as: 

    • Claims adjusters and advisors
    • Jr. account managers 
    • Underwriting assistants
    • Insurance is not just about Sales it is about helping people. You are either protecting clients from eventual risk by helping them protecting their most important assets, or you are helping them put their lives back together after they have experienced a claim.
    • Insurance allows the world to go round and puts it back together after a catastrophe.
    • You just need to know basic math to get by the industry will also teach you the needed accounting and analytics. 
    • That is fine, as there are many people in the insurance industry that are not strong in these areas. 
    • The program is 1 year 
    • Will introduce you to multiple employers (On average students meet over 40+ employers in a span of  8 months) 
    • The program will teach you insurance technology via our partnership with Applied Technology
    • Award winning faculty that will be there to support you along the way
    • The IMPG is recognized by the Insurance Institute of Canada and has seven Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) courses embedded within it, which is considered the designation within the insurance industry. Three more course and you will have the designation. 
    • The program also has a 160 hour work placement component as part of the curriculum allowing you to try out the industry while also gaining some valuable work experience.  
    • IMPG also has a strategic partnership with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario who sponsors all students’ brokers’ licenses which will allow our graduates to stand out amongst employers.
    • Deep connections to the industry. 
    • Multiple scholarships (25+ in total)