Humber College - Insurance Management Program

Have you considered an exciting career in risk management or the corporate insurance space? Both fields offer both exciting and rewarding careers in a safe and stable industry which is one of the essential financial services in Canada. 

Insurance, I know nothing about it!
You are probably wondering insurance; I know nothing about it. The fact is, that this is everyone’s typical first reaction. The insurance industry has a place for everyone, and those that have started exciting careers within it have never looked back. The insurance industry draws from so many different areas such as health care, business, project management, IT and legal as some of the examples. 

Humber’s Insurance Management – Property and Casualty (P&C) graduate certificate program looks at complimenting your skills, experience and education and helps you start an amazing career in a great industry. 

The Program
The Humber’s Insurance Management – Property and Casualty (P&C) graduate certificate program is one year and is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to begin a successful insurance career. The program is also recognized by the Insurance Institute of Canada and has seven Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) courses embedded within it, which is considered the designation within the insurance industry. The program also has a 160-hour work placement component as part of the curriculum allowing you to try out the industry while also gaining some valuable work experience.  In also has a strategic partnership with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario who sponsors all students’ brokers’ licenses which will allow our graduates to stand out amongst employers. Students in the program will also learn Applied Systems which is one of the leading insurance technologies in the industry. 

Are there jobs? 
Currently the insurance industry is in a talent crisis with over 27% of the current workforce deemed to retire in the next 5-10 years. The Humber IMPG has built an excellent reputation both academically and professionally amongst employers. As a result, our graduates get hired fast, and many often receive multiple offers, including international students.  Even during the pandemic of 2020 our students were extended offers through the lock down. Often, the program receives more opportunities than then they have students. Get started now and let Humber start you on your journey towards a great career in a great industry! 

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