Our Culture

MNP careers are Different by Design. As an entrepreneurial firm, we never set limits on what can be achieved or which direction team members want to take their career.

We know the biggest part of our success is our team members, and we don't forget that. That's why we have built a culture and environment where people prosper and receive the rewards they deserve.

MNPers are as diverse and unique as the communities we live in and the clients we serve. Our team members have given us the perspectives, insights and ideas that have helped us to become the fastest growing national professional services firm in Canada.

Balanced Lifestyle

We understand that your personal life is just as important to you as your professional endeavors. For this reason, a balanced lifestyle is one of the fundamental values of our firm. After all, we want you to love being here and we're willing to give you the flexibility to enjoy your time both in and out of the office.

We want you to have flexibility to enjoy your week at the lake, coach a kids' soccer team, or simply kick back and relax. Our definition of a balanced lifestyle isn't theory, it's fact.

10 Values We Live by Everyday
  • We exemplify integrity in all we do
  • We are one firm / one pot / one team
  • We are entrepreneurial
  • Profit Optimization
    • We run our business like a business
    • Balanced Lifestyle
    • 'Fun' is important
  • We insist on quality client service
  • We perform to high quality standards
  • We operate on guidelines
  • We conduct ourselves with humility and respect
  • We value our professions and our communities
  • We value diversity