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Learning and Development

At MNP, our philosophy is to promote based on talent, rather than age. If you have the drive, we will provide you with a wide range of learning and development opportunities which will allow you to expand your skill sets and design your professional future, your way. There are no boundaries when it comes to opportunities for professional growth. The question is, how far do you want to go?

At MNP, we don�t just provide careers, we help you build them � providing continued education and opportunities that are essential in taking your career to the next level. If you have the drive and determination, we will support you wherever you want to take your career. We support our campus hires through the following ways:

Every year our freshman orientation is conducted to support our new CPA students. Here, you can build relationships and train with other CPA students across the firm.

Learning from experts and mentors, we ensure you receive formal and informal support throughout your CPA studies.

Through our partner led engagements we expose you to a variety of clients. With over 13 different service lines, you'll get plenty of hands on experience, client interaction and experiential learning.

We encourage you to engage with partners on a regular basis and allow you to work on all aspects of the files from start to finish very early on.

  1. Freshman Orientation
  2. Common Final Examination
  3. Client Exposure and Experiential Learning
  4. Partner Interaction