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MBA Accounting

The “must-have” degree for specialized financial professionals, as stated by the Financial Times of London.

The Schulich Master of Finance (MF) is a 12-month full-time program that provides students with the robust real-world training and analytical foundation needed for a rewarding career in modern finance. A CFA Program Partner, it provides a high-level education on both the buy and the sell side of capital markets, including asset management, investment banking and risk management.

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Career opportunities for MF graduates

The Schulich MF program will equip you with the specialized finance knowledge, whether investment banking, risk management, or asset management, to be a leader in today’s complex business environment

Recruiters value the technical expertise, communication skills and financial decision making skills of the Schulich MF students.

Our MF could lead you to an exciting career in an organization such as...

Scotia Bank
Burgandy Asset Management
National Bank

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