Canadian Finance and Leasing Association

A Diverse and Dynamic Industry

Vehicle and Equipment Finance is unique segment of the Canadian financial services industry - an early disruptor and an ongoing innovator that drives economic productivity. It finances over $100 billion of equipment and autos in Canada annually.

Asset Finance is a great entry point into the Canadian financial services industry. There are lots of career paths and there is a great need for recent grads in the industry. Experience here is easily transferrable to other areas of financial services.

But it's not just about finance. The diverse nature of the industry will expose you to businesses and fields across many spectrums of the Canadian economy. These entry level positions allow you to learn at a high level various aspects of these organizations (credit, sales, operations, finance) which can further develop your experience and interest.

If you're a new grad, there are many roles in this industry that provide the foundation for life-long skill sets and set you up for a variety of career options. The skills you'll learn in client contact, service, sales and administration are transferable qualities that you can apply in any industry. With hard work and drive, any entry level role in the industry can lead you to a senior management position.

Grow your career
Anne Marie Desando
Vice President and National Head Scotia Leasing

The vehicle and equipment finance and leasing industry is a dynamic environment suited to many developmental opportunities. The industry is multi-faceted, fast paced and is changing at an accelerated rate.

Brayden Millet
Jr. Risk and Portfolio Management Analyst
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

If I had to describe a typical day in this industry, the words ‘variety’, ‘unpredictable’, and ‘fast-paced’ come to mind. There are so many pieces to this business. It’s complex and challenging, that’s for sure.