Viewpoint Leadership


Dr. Rumeet Billan

President. Partner.Professor

As a social entrepreneur, Rumeet Billan is an award winning and internationally recognized leader who continues to focus her efforts on enabling opportunities in education. She is the President of Jobs in Education which connects employers and job seekers in the K-12 and higher education sectors, and a Partner at Viewpoint Leadership which focuses on the development of global and emotional competencies.

For over ten years, she has contributed to social impact initiatives in North America, South America, and Africa that improve access to and the quality of education. In addition to supporting scholarships, breakfast programs, and soccer tournaments, her vision led to the creation and development of a teacher’s college,The Toor Centre for Teacher Education, in the rural community of Nzeveni, Kenya.


In addition to her business and advocacy interests, Rumeet completed a PhD at the University of Toronto. At the age of 25 and again three years later, Rumeet was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network. She was featured in as a ‘Generation Entrepreneur’ and currently writes for various newspapers and publications. Ultimately, Rumeet’s mission is to contribute to the field of education in a meaningful and transformational way by integrating her business and research with her passion for creating positive change through education.


“We have been fortunate to have Rumeet as a facilitator for our UNESCO Chair European Regional Forum which aims to empower young leaders to be agents of positive change. Rumeet was chosen for her commitment to education and her leadership style which provides a platform that encourages youth, women, and communities to envision what could be possible. Her ability to connect with young global leaders and make a lasting impression across cultures, communities, and countries is unique. Rumeet’s influence, impact, and presence is felt by those around her and we continue to be amazed at her ongoing initiatives and dedication to social action and the education sector.”

UNESCO Chair & Institute of Comparative Human Rights

“I decided to have Ms. Billan moderate a distinguished panel of some of Canada’s top female executives at our Top 100 Awards celebration, prior to a keynote by Margaret Atwood. A few in my organization were somewhat skeptical at having someone so young moderate a discussion with a group of industry titans. However, Rumeet led the conversation seamlessly, showing confidence and knowledge throughout. Clearly she was prepared for the event and added her own research and insights to the conversation. Her performance was so engaging and eloquent in fact, that our Vice President remarked that, with no disrespect meant to the panel, “Rumeet was the standout speaker at the discussion.” We are all proud of Rumeet and as a two-time Top 100 Award Winner, she continuously surpasses the high bar set by our remakable community of outstandiing achievers.”

A. Hilwan, Speaker Relations Advisor, The Women’s Executive Network