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Toronto, Ontario



My CPA designation equipped me with not only financial and accounting expertise, but the ability to understand complex problems and solve them with critical thinking. It's defied all my expectations and has given me the skill set to become an entrepreneur in the artificial intelligence and technology industry.


Sojin Lee CPA, CMA, Co-founder and CEO, Blees AI

Let's be real - most people don't grow up aspiring to become a Chartered Professional Accountant.

But they should.

CPAs have one of the most in-demand professional designations. And as long as there's a need to interpret and evaluate financial information, you'll have a job. A good one. With great earning potential and career growth that's off the charts.

A CPA designation is a lot like a passport. Your ticket to work in any industry or sector. From forensic accounting, to financial health diagnostics - CPAs are well-rounded wizards, with versatile skills any employer instantly recognizes.

They do the crucial work to keep organizations relevant and are at the forefront of change, using data and analytical skills to make informed, insightful decisions, decisions that will have a direct impact on pressing issues like financial and environmental sustainability.

Here's the thing. Today's Chartered Professional Accountants are more than accountants. They're visionaries. Some of the most important issues that impact not only business, but society as a whole, comes from the work CPAs do. Point being - your CPA designation will prepare you to take the lead in a changing world.