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Request for Proposal - ARAO Specialist - Amnesty International Canada

Apr 12, 2024
Various Locations, Ontario

Request for Proposal 

Amnesty International Canada 2024 

Amnesty International Canada (ES)  

312 Laurier Ave E 
Ottawa ON K1N 1H9 

Procurement Contact person: Jina Rodas-Wright 

1. Background & Introduction  

Amnesty International Canada Section English-Speaking (AICSES) is part of the global Amnesty International movement, dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights both within Canada and around the world. As an organization steadfast in its mission, Amnesty International Canada (ES) engages in rigorous research, advocacy, activism and public education to address a spectrum of human rights issues. These include, but are not limited to, the protection of prisoners of conscience, the abolition of the death penalty, climate justice, racial justice, safeguarding the rights of refugees and Indigenous peoples, and fighting gender-based violence. Our work is grounded in the principle of impartiality; we do not accept government or political organization funding for our campaigns to maintain our independence and ensure the objectivity of our human rights work. AICSES currently supports over 50 staff in a unionized and non-unionized environment.  
In alignment with our unwavering committed to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace, invites proposals from experienced Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Specialists and Strategists. The objective is to engage a skilled professional who will lead the development of a comprehensive 5-year ARAO strategy. This strategy will guide our organization in building a more inclusive culture, identifying and addressing systemic barriers, and promoting equity across all levels of our operations.  
2. Project Goals and Scope of Services 
2.1 Ad Hoc Committee Formation: 

Task: Establish an ad hoc committee within one month of contract initiation, ensuring representation from a broad spectrum of organization members, including diverse racial, cultural, and functional backgrounds. 

Deliverables: A formation plan detailing committee selection criteria, a finalized list of committee members, and a schedule of regular meetings. 
 2.2 ARAO Strategy and Implementation Plan: 

Task: Develop a comprehensive 5-year ARAO strategy and implementation plan within six months. The strategy should include specific, actionable objectives; timelines; responsible parties; and clear, measurable outcomes. 

Deliverables: A strategy document outlining the long-term vision and goals, an implementation plan with actionable steps, and a monitoring and evaluation framework. 
 2.3 Key ARAO Indicators: 

Task: Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for ARAO initiatives within the first six months, allowing for the monitoring of progress and impact over time. 

Deliverables: A KPI framework document that includes definitions, measurement tools, and frequency of evaluations for each indicator. 
2.4 Support for Senior Management: 

Task: Provide ongoing expert advice and support to senior management on integrating ARAO principles into organizational practices and decision-making. 

Deliverables: Monthly briefing reports to senior management summarizing progress, challenges, and recommendations for further action. 
2.5 Stakeholder Engagement: 

Task: Engage with internal and external stakeholders throughout the strategy development and implementation process to ensure diverse perspectives are incorporated. 

Deliverables: A stakeholder engagement plan including methods of engagement, a schedule of stakeholder meetings, and summaries of feedback received and actions taken in response. 

1. Anticipated Selection Schedule  

The Request for Proposal for timeline is as follows: 

Request for RFP: March 22, 2024 

Deadline to submit Bid: April 12, 2024 

Selection of Top Bidders / Notification to Unsuccessful Bidders: April 15- April 26, 2024 

Contract Award / Notification to Unsuccessful Bidders: April 29, 2024 

2. Time and Place of Submission of Proposals 

Respondents to this RFP must submit copies of their proposal by email to the procurement contact by 5 pm EST on April 12, 2024. 

Submission requirements  

Interested individuals or firms are requested to submit proposals that include: 
  • A detailed professional profile or firm overview highlighting experience in anti-racism and anti-oppression initiatives, particularly in strategy development and implementation. 
  • A proposed approach and methodology for developing the ARAO strategy and implementing the plan. 
  • Examples of past projects or initiatives that demonstrate the ability to effectively develop and implement ARAO strategies. 
  • Proposed timeline and milestones for the development and implementation of the ARAO strategy. 
  • Fee structure for the provision of services, including any necessary expenses. 
Evaluation Criteria 
The successful respondents will meet the following criteria: 
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience in anti-racism and anti-oppression work, specifically in strategic planning and implementation. 
  • Creativity and thoroughness of the proposed approach and methodology. 
  • Success in previous related projects, evidenced by references. 
  • Feasibility of the timeline and cost-effectiveness of the proposal. 
  • Commitment to engaging with diverse stakeholders and incorporating a wide range of perspectives. 
  • Demonstrated experience with providing prompt and effective communication and follow up regarding work in progress and status updates.  
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