Casual/Supply RECE - Cardinal Leger Child Care Centre

May 03, 2024
Scarborough, Ontario
Position Description: Registered Early Childhood Educator

Reports to:  Manager

Position Summary:

Under the general direction of the Manager, the incumbent will provide care and education program for children from 1 ½ years – 12 years in a group setting.  Plans and implements developmentally appropriate programs to facilitate learning and developmental goals of children. Follows the requirements of staff under the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) and the City of Toronto Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI).

Educational Requirements:
  • A graduate of an Early Childhood Education Program from a recognized institution
  • Current registration with the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators
  • Up to date CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Experience working with children from 1 ½ to 12 years of age
  • Proven ability to implement program as per Centre’s curriculum approach
  • Experience working with special needs children
  • Experience working with parents
  • Demonstrates ability to be flexible and multi task
  • Self-motivated, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good organizational skills, patience, self-control, tact, sound judgment, discretion, sensitivity and a positive outlook
  • Demonstrates ability to exercise initiative, flexibility and judgment when handling unpredictable situations
  • Ability to contribute and be an effective member of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Ability to lift and carry children
  • Hiring subject to police reference check and medical exam

  • Participates in planning and preparation of programs that reflects physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of children in accordance with the CCEYA and the Centre’s Program Statement
  • Plans daily activities and objectives for all curriculum areas, and all age groups as necessary
  • Uses a variety of teaching techniques including modeling, observing, broadcasting, questioning, demonstrating and reinforcing
  • Is aware of and promotes each child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.
  • Familiarize him/herself with specific information about each child as recorded in the child’s personal file
  • Completes developmental profile for each child.  The developmental profile will include samples of child’s achievement and work and photographs
  • Observes children’s progress and behaviour to ensure programs meet indentified individual and group needs, adjusting program plans as necessary
  • Recommends referral of children to outside support agencies for special needs as necessary
  • Plans and organizes events such as visitors, birthdays, trips, summer junior kindergarten and senior kindergarten programs, and community walks  
Preparation and Implementation
  • Prepares a developmentally appropriate environment by ensuring safe, clean, sanitary play equipment and areas – indoors and outdoors
  • Gathers materials necessary to carry out planned activities (books, pictures for circle, trips)
  • Creates teacher made toys and materials to enhance activities and learning
  • Introduces and describes activities to children.  Supervises and interacts with children in the activities
  • Organizes and maintains space, equipment and materials including decorating and setting up the environment to reflect the children’s interests and developmental needs
  • Sets up and tidies up playground activities
  • Carries out programs and daily schedules and facilitates smooth transitions
  • Participates in the evaluation of the program and recommends new activities and / or modified programming to improve effectiveness in meeting developmental needs of children  
Health and Safety
  • Administers and records medications given to children in accordance with CCEYA and the Centre’s policy
  • Follows the Centre’s procedures for infection control
  • Observes general physical and emotional/social health of children (takes temperature, records illness and behaviour).  May consult with Manager concerning sending a child home
  • Carries out procedures for emergencies and serious occurrences in accordance with the CCEYA and the Centre’s policies and procedures (evacuations)
  • Monitors and ensures environment (indoor and outdoor) for safety, security and cleanliness (broken glass, strangers, unsanitary conditions)
  • Keeps current records and ensures children’s allergies and other special conditions are provided for
  • Performs basic housekeeping duties (cleaning and disinfecting toys and furniture, and disinfecting children’s washroom etc.)
  • Educates and carries out hygiene practices involving children  
Physical and Emotional and Social Needs
  • Help create and maintain an environment where children feel safe and secure to explore and express themselves
  • Ensures children are wearing appropriate clothing
  • Instructs, supervises and assists in self-help skills (eating, dressing, washing, sleeping, diapering, and toileting)
  • Provides emotional and physical support in all circumstances (conflict resolution, separation anxiety)
  • Carries out plans for individual special needs of child (behavioural, emotional and developmental)
  • Implements behaviour management policies and procedures established by the Centre
  • Guides and supports new children into the program through a gradual admission process

A.    Parent –
  • Establishes rapport with parents, informs re: progress, and encourage involvement on a daily basis
  • Responds to parent / designated family members enquiries regarding their child’s progress, behaviour and health, while maintaining confidentiality at all times
  • Parent interviews (plans, prepares and delivers)
  • Provides parent orientation to environment
  • Provides written and verbal information (progress, daily charts, sleep patterns, accident reports, schedules and plans)
B.    Staff –
  • Participates in staff meetings
  • Daily communications of programs, schedule changes and children’s issues to other staff and Director
  • Develops and supports working relations with other staff and Director
  • Inform Director of supply and equipment needs/or requests
Centre Responsibilities
  • Assumes an area of the Centre responsibility (bulletin boards, social events, supply ordering etc.)
  • Arranges for replacement in event of illness if Manager is not available to make arrangements
  • Supervises and evaluates student field placements
  • Participates in orientation and training of casual staff, students, volunteers and new staff
  • Occasional equipment assembly
  • Operates equipment consistent with the Centre’s requirements (strollers, cots, stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, computer)
  • Maintains confidentiality of all information related to the Centre’s children, parents and staff
  • Participates in annual performance review process, and attends professional development training and workshops
  • Demonstrates working knowledge of current developments in the childcare field
  • Attends staff meetings, general meetings and other functions i.e. fund raising events as required
  • May open and close the Centre
  • Occasional overtime may be required
  • May be required to act for the Manager or Assistant Manager in their absence
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Supervise placement students and work-flow of volunteers
  • Provide direction to Classroom Assistants and casual staff, and communicates to the Director any concerns regarding practice
Working Conditions:

Psychological Work Environment
  • This work involves multiple demands from children, parents and the director for updates, advice and action.  The need to resolve problems and deal with children in an appropriate manner can be stressful.
Physical Work Environment
  • Carry / lift children and carry / lift / move moderately heavy items
  • Stand for extended period, and work at the height of children
  • Operates equipment consistent with the Centre’s requirements (strollers, cots, stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, computer)
  • Stress dealing with sensitive situations (i.e. having to tell parents about an injury to their child or behavioural issues)
Risk to Health
  • Exposure to: bodily fluids, infectious diseases, frequent high noise levels, occasional inclement weather
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Lifting
Daily Hours of Work:
  • Normal working hours (35 hours/week) with rotating shifts
  • Overtime may be required from time to time
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