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Since 1995, CharityVillage has been connecting people with passion to jobs with purpose.

Today, we're the leading Canadian job site for nonprofit professionals. Thousands of organizations have used CharityVillage to help recruit more than 160,000 employees at all levels for positions in all areas of the nonprofit sector. Whether you are looking to start your career working with children, seniors, animals, or the environment, in your local community or internationally, CharityVillage has the most thorough list of nonprofit positions in Canada where you can truly make an impact. We post job openings from across a variety of subsectors - including health care, education, community services, professional associations, social justice, research, government, religion, aboriginal services, recreation and more! In fact, we've hosted job postings for 42 different subsectors within the nonprofit community.

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If you're looking for a career with purpose, why not consider the nonprofit sector? With over 170,000 organizations in Canada providing services in all kinds of different areas, there is a place for everyone. Whether you are interested in social services or the arts, working in your local community or internationally, there are many opportunities to make an impact. You'll gain hands on and diverse experience right from the start, through meaningful responsibilities and interaction with various stakeholders.

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