Engineering Career Guide

Engineering is an exciting industry with a multitude of career opportunities. Use this guide to learn more about the industry, and how to hatch a student or entry-level engineering career.

Considering a career in Engineering?

Engineering is an innovative and challenging industry that offers dedicated students and grads the opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to society. Engineers are in high demand: they are able to work in a variety of sectors almost anywhere in the world. With a variety of career paths to specialize in, engineering is the perfect industry to launch a dynamic career.

Key skills:

  • Sound judgment
  • Analytical thinking
  • Organizational skills
  • Complex problem-solving
Average Starting Salaries: Engineering
Pro Tip
"Engineering provides you with a unique toolbox of skills that can be applied in so many different ways to so many interesting careers. Don't just aspire to become an engineer – aspire to make a unique and positive change in the world!"