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CharityVillage partnered with Bhayana Family Foundation and United Way to celebrate heroes in the social impact sector. People who go above and beyond often go unnoticed, and these three organizations decided to change that. The team travelled across Canada to find social justice heroes and bring their bravery and compassion to light in a series of video biographies.

If you’ve ever wondered what working in the social impact sector really feels like, watch these videos and celebrate these Everyday Heroes with us.

All of the social services workers are recipients of the Bhayana Family Foundation Awards.

360 Kids (York region, GTA)

Bonnie Harkness is a champion for homeless youth in York Region, who knows how to reach them and provide support when others have given up hope. Her innovative programs provide street kids with safe shelter, warm meals, education and access to employment to help them make the transition to adulthood as responsible members of society -- giving them a foundation for their future life.

Club Inclusion (Halifax)

Justin Eweka is a frontline worker at a community agency called Club Inclusion in Halifax who thrilled some young people with disabilities. Justin used his own money to hire a pink stretch limo for their special prom night and created unforgettable memories for the beaming kids. Without Justin, these kids wouldn’t have gotten the real “prom” experience many of us take for granted.

Collingwood Neighbourhood House Video (Vancouver)

Najia Elancel was an immigrant and former victim of partner violence in Vancouver who now makes it her mission to empower other new Canadians -- one meal at a time. Najia leads the kitchen team to provide hot meals to those who need help starting their new lives in Canada. She uses the universal language of food to build community, break barriers and welcome newcomers.

Created in partnership with Bhayana Family Foundation, United Way and CharityVillage.