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Ceilidh Millar

#161: Ceilidh Millar – Students, be open to exceptional opportunities for learning and growth

Hayley Mullen
I’m a recent broadcast journalism graduate. Before I’d completed my diploma, I was fielding employment offers and signed with Global Television News. At 19 years old, I’m the youngest news writer on staff. Was I the best or brightest journalism student? Absolutely not! Fresh out of high school, I was accepted into BCIT’s Journalism Program. JustRead More »

#158: Ana Parfenova – Students must learn how to look within themselves for the answers

“In order to successfully transition into life after university, it is essential to have a clear understanding of who you are, your skills and abilities, and your goals for the future.” –Ana Parfenova, Student, University of British Columbia I’ve noticed that a lot of young people in university struggle with finding their right path inRead More »

#157: Aisalyn Templin – Employers, don’t be afraid to invest in young people

Hayley Mullen
“My employer took a chance on me when I was only 19, and it paid off for both of us!” – Aisalyn Templin, Graduate, University of Toronto After attending three different universities and switching programs three times, I finally landed in Political Science at the University of Toronto. It was an unlikely decision considering myRead More »

#151: Chun-Hui Chang – Employers need to understand what “entry level” means

The school-to-work transition was very difficult. Most bachelor’s degree programs do not have internship or co-op components integrated into the curriculum. As such, I did not have the opportunity to develop the skills needed for a good job. Furthermore, many employers are not willing to give new graduates a chance to gain experience. I found very fewRead More »

#146: Eric Bodourian – Employers, take a chance on new graduates

“Allow us access to the experience and resources we need to start our careers.” —Eric Bodourian, Student, Brock University I have had such little luck looking for work. I originally graduated with a three-year diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology in 2008, but I was unable to find a position. Then I then decided to return to school againRead More »

#136: Lisa Bui – Help students with interview prep and resume writing skills

“Reach out to more students and offer interview prep skills, resume reviews and other essential skills needed to obtain a job.” —Lisa Bui, Student, University of Calgary The degree that I am currently studying to obtain, International Relations at the University of Calgary, is a very vague designation. People either scratch their heads at myRead More »

#128: Barbori Streibl – Teach students how to create their own career opportunities

“Career centres and schools should offer seminars every few months which would show students the steps to take to start and set up their own business.” —Barbori Streibl, Student, Academy of Art University Being a post-secondary student certainly has demanded (and still does) a lot of my time, energy, and concentration. However, starting my ownRead More »

#127: Justin Bansal – Establish paid co-op programs at more universities

“Employers that are partnered with Waterloo and similar universities offering co-op programs need to do the same for schools like Western University. Why should some students be at an advantage over others?” —Justin Bansal, Student, Western University Recently, something began to bug me. Is it worth it? Say I do attain a part-time or full-time positionRead More »
#124: Addie Sorrell – They didn’t tell me the job hunt would be the hardest part of my career

Student Voice in Metro: Addie Sorrell

This week, Humber College Advertising Media Sales student Addie Sorrell’s Student Voice story (originally published here May 22, 2012) was published in Metro newspapers across Canada. Want your Student Voice featured in Metro? Click here to share your own story.

#119: Samiha Fariha – Consider students with diverse experiences

“Employers should focus more on students’ unique skills and diverse work experience, instead of always looking for the same skills and experience.” —Samiha Fariha, Student, University of Toronto Scarborough In my first year at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), I applied for work study jobs. Soon after, I got a reply for one ofRead More »

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