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Hayley Mullen

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Ceilidh Millar

#161: Ceilidh Millar – Students, be open to exceptional opportunities for learning and growth

Hayley Mullen

I’m a recent broadcast journalism graduate. Before I’d completed my diploma, I was fielding employment offers and signed with Global Television News. At 19 years old, I’m the youngest news writer on staff. Was I the best or brightest journalism student? Absolutely not! Fresh out of high school, I was accepted into BCIT’s Journalism Program. JustRead More »

#160: Candy Spencer — Employers, take a chance on recent grads

Hayley Mullen

I’m unemployed, frustrated and trying to stay positive. I graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2007 with a B.Sc in Nutrition. I did well in my classes but learned I did not want to be a Dietician. I decided I wanted to be a Community Nutritionist so I went on to do a Master’sRead More »

#157: Aisalyn Templin – Employers, don’t be afraid to invest in young people

Hayley Mullen

“My employer took a chance on me when I was only 19, and it paid off for both of us!” – Aisalyn Templin, Graduate, University of Toronto After attending three different universities and switching programs three times, I finally landed in Political Science at the University of Toronto. It was an unlikely decision considering myRead More »

#156: Courtney Hardwick – Every BA program should have a co-op or work study component

Hayley Mullen

“What is the point of all the book learning if we never get any of the experience we need to actually GET A JOB?” – Courtney Hardwick, Graduate, University of Windsor I always knew a BA in English wasn’t going to make it easy to get a job, but I thought having a university degreeRead More »

#155: Timothy Boodram – New graduate positions need to cater to new graduates

Hayley Mullen

“I find several listings that are advertised as being “new graduate” positions. However, they often list qualifications that no new graduate could possibly possess.” – Timothy Boodram, Graduate, University of Toronto I am a recent graduate who is finding the transition to work difficult. I have been applying for work for almost a year now and haveRead More »

#152: Beverly King – Career centres, it takes more than a career board to get your students jobs

Hayley Mullen

I wish I could say I had a school-to-work transition, but that would be implying I transitioned. I am still in the same part-time retail job I had in school that I had as a way to supplement my student loan. My loan remains in repayment because I don’t make enough on a steady basis to makeRead More »

#149: Kelsey Goforth – Career centres should advertise their services well, keep flexible hours for busy students

Hayley Mullen

“When students approach their final years of education, universities and colleges should remind them that there are plenty of resources available.” —Kelsey Goforth, Graduate, University of Toronto While pursuing my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, I studied Political Science with an emphasis on Human Rights and International Development. This past summer, I was finishingRead More »

#148: Shaheerah Kayani – Schools and employers should work together to employ talented students

Hayley Mullen

“Schools play an integral role in encouraging students to pursue their employment goals” —Shaheerah Kayani, Student, University of Guelph-Humber Through my high school Business Club, I participated in BizAcademy; a one-week apprenticeship program/team-based competition sponsored by, an innovative cloud-computing organization. Here I collaborated with employees and mentors to create mock business plans and client presentations. The following year, beingRead More »

#147: May Yu – Make sure the west coast is represented to east coast recruiters

Hayley Mullen

“For business students attending school on the west coast who are looking for careers in eastern Canada, it will be more of a challenge as not all prospective companies actively recruit on the west coast.” —May Yu, Graduate, Simon Fraser University At the end of my five years at Simon Fraser University (SFU) Business, I received a BachelorRead More »

#145: Harmanmeet Garg – I’m qualified but still struggling to get a good job

Hayley Mullen

“Choose what you study according to your interests and study hard.” —Harmanmeet Garg, Graduate, Humber College I came to Canada as an international student and studied Computer Networking at Humber College in Toronto. Then I moved to Winnipeg to settle and get permanent residency because it’s easier to get permanent residency in Manitoba than in Ontario. When I graduated,Read More »

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