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#162: Shouri Bagchi – Use the right experience to get ahead in your chosen industry


“Targeting a particular industry or function? Find an internship where you can experience the day-to-day reality.” — Shouri Bagchi, MBA candidate I came to Canada in 2002 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. I would always compare notes on courses and the method of instruction with those of my high-school classmates who wereRead More »

#158: Ana Parfenova – Students must learn how to look within themselves for the answers


“In order to successfully transition into life after university, it is essential to have a clear understanding of who you are, your skills and abilities, and your goals for the future.” –Ana Parfenova, Student, University of British Columbia I’ve noticed that a lot of young people in university struggle with finding their right path inRead More »

#153: Samiha Fariha – Help students learn more about themselves and explore diverse career options


“I don’t know what drove me but I applied, and it was the best decision that I have made in my life because the internship opened my eyes to a whole other career possibility.” —Samiha Fariha, student, University of Toronto Scarborough When I was applying to the Legislative Internship position at the Queen’s Park OfficeRead More »

#151: Chun-Hui Chang – Employers need to understand what “entry level” means


The school-to-work transition was very difficult. Most bachelor’s degree programs do not have internship or co-op components integrated into the curriculum. As such, I did not have the opportunity to develop the skills needed for a good job. Furthermore, many employers are not willing to give new graduates a chance to gain experience. I found very fewRead More »

#146: Eric Bodourian – Employers, take a chance on new graduates


“Allow us access to the experience and resources we need to start our careers.” —Eric Bodourian, Student, Brock University I have had such little luck looking for work. I originally graduated with a three-year diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology in 2008, but I was unable to find a position. Then I then decided to return to school againRead More »

#144: Kelly Bowman – A message for liberal arts students: develop practical skills too


“Resilience and resourcefulness are some of the best tools you can have.” —Kelly Bowman, Graduate, Western University Dear liberal arts graduate, There are some things they forgot to tell you at convocation. For many of you, there will be a gap between now and the beginning of your career. Most of the advice given to you thatRead More »

#140: Samantha Murphy – It’s not up to schools or employers to prepare us for our careers


“As much as I would like to say that I did not receive as much help or guidance as I wanted from employers, career centres and schools, it is really up to me to ensure I am portraying myself in a way that makes employers need to meet with me.” —Samantha Murphy, Student, Memorial University ofRead More »

Student Voice in Metro: Fionn Smyth


This week, McMaster University graduate Fionn Smyth’s Student Voice story (originally published here) was published in Metro newspapers across Canada! Want your Student Voice featured in Metro? Click here to share your own story.

#139: Fionn Smyth – Schools should do more for students in the arts


“I found it nearly impossible to figure out which route to take or even how to pursue things that I wanted.” —Fionn Smyth, Graduate, McMaster University After graduating with no job I took the opportunity to go to J’Explore and learn French in a semi-immersion environment. After that, I spent about six weeks constantly applying toRead More »

#137: Kleine Achiles – Employers, take down your old job listings!


“I called three companies to follow up on job postings on their websites, only to be told that the job postings were old. One job posting was almost a year old!” —Kleine Achiles, graduate, University of Toronto and Sheridan College This is my story about hunting for a copywriting internship. After my undergrad, I jumped atRead More »

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