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#155: Timothy Boodram – New graduate positions need to cater to new graduates

“I find several listings that are advertised as being “new graduate” positions. However, they often list qualifications that no new graduate could possibly possess.” – Timothy Boodram, Graduate, University of Toronto

I am a recent graduate who is finding the transition to work difficult. I have been applying for work for almost a year now and have had little luck. I’ve been interviewed twice, but haven’t been able to land the job. For one job, I had made it through 3 rounds of interviews over the span of a month and a half, but they said they were looking for someone with more direct experience in a certain role. I think my age was a big factor.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep busy by coding websites, but nothing paid. I need a paying job to keep myself alive, and that keeps me motivated to find a job.

What I’m doing now

I’m keeping busy doing some personal work to strengthen my portfolio. Waking up every morning and scouring the internet for possible job openings.

Considering new career options since I have been an unemployed graduate for almost a year. I’ve also applied to grad school in September as a backup.

My recommendations for employers, schools and career centres

Employers in the area of web design/programming really need to focus on making more accurate job listings. I find several listings that are advertised as being “new graduate” positions. However, they often list qualifications that no new graduate could possibly possess.

Often I see posts requiring knowledge of 10+ programming languages and 5+ years of experience. From speaking with employers, they often say they do this to receive confident applicants only. From speaking with students and graduates, it’s very intimidating and discouraging for us because we ALL feel very unqualified.

New graduate positions need to cater to new graduates. Offer us a position where we can help, and provide a way for us to learn on the job.

My advice for students and recent grads

The majority of employed graduates from my graduating year got their job through someone they know. It’s all about who you know, and less about what you know (although this is still important to KEEP that job). Network, network, network.

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Timothy Boodram
New Media
University of Toronto

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