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#152: Beverly King – Career centres, it takes more than a career board to get your students jobs

I wish I could say I had a school-to-work transition, but that would be implying I transitioned. I am still in the same part-time retail job I had in school that I had as a way to supplement my student loan. My loan remains in repayment because I don’t make enough on a steady basis to make any form of substantial payments.

Although I am working in the industry I hope to have my career in, I have made no progress either within my company or with others. Every job interview I have been to either for an entry-level position or even an unpaid internship has had the same reply: you don’t have enough experience. I don’t know at what point employers decided that experience was needed for free positions or that they were not going to invest in new graduates, but when they did, they doomed us all to positions where we are overqualified, underpaid and unhappy.

After years of working with a company in my industry of choice, I have watched people from other companies get positions they already have. Companies have adopted a disgusting trend of horizontal employment; they hire people from other companies doing the same job they are looking for to save on training costs.

Frankly, I’m tired of being passed over while companies play red rover. I’m not frustrated – I’m furious. Don’t tell me to be patient. I went to school for six years and continue to do so. I’m tired of waiting. I’m ready now.

What I’m doing now

Nothing. Part-time retail. Part-time continuing education classes when I can afford it.

My recommendations for employers, career centres and schools

It takes more than a career board to get your students jobs. Stop letting companies pretend they are supportive of your students when they only employ the top 2% of classes. If they are not giving your students REAL opportunities, (and I don’t mean pitching tents at career day promoting entry-level retail sales associate positions!) then they shouldn’t be allowed to pretend they do anything for your students. And stop pushing the same industries and same jobs for your students. Job opportunities should be as diverse as your program possibilities are!

My advice for students and recent grads

I wish I had advice. I could use some.

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Beverly King
Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management
Ryerson University

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