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#138: Elizabeth Dorion – Invest in new hires and they will give you their loyalty

“If you see that someone is taking the steps to enter a career path, see it as an opportunity to help them grow their career in your company.” —Elizabeth Dorion, graduate, University of Windsor

I graduated in the fall of 2010 with my degree in business. During university, I specialized in management and labour studies so that I would be able to become a Certified Human Resources Professional eventually.

I took all the classes necessary to complete the first step to become a C.H.R.P. I also volunteered in my university’s career centre to gain some experience with resumes and interviewing. The same month of my graduation, I took the National Knowledge Exam. I passed the test and became a C.H.R.P. candidate.

I thought I took all the right steps to gain entry into the human resources field. I began looking for jobs before I graduated and managed to gain a interview. I didn’t get the job but I kept on trying. I applied to jobs constantly but I didn’t hear back from most. I had a phone interview or an initial interview here and there but I never heard back from them or they told me that someone else more qualified got the job.

After a year and a half of not getting anywhere, the local HRPA chapter was offering a mentoring program. I quickly signed up to be a mentoree and I was assigned a mentor. I spent the next 3 months learning as much as I could about entering the field of HR and the field itself from my mentor. Since my last meeting and making improvements to my resume and cover letter, I have had 3 interviews. Once again, I didn’t hear back from them or I wasn’t qualified enough. I am trying my hardest to become qualified but it is hard when no one gives you a chance.

What I’m doing now

I am currently working as a full time supervisor at the employer I worked at in university and still looking to enter the field of human resources. I regularly look on job boards for positions in human resources that I qualify for. I am trying to maintain my LinkedIn profile. I keep in touch with my mentor and I attend HRPA networking meetings when I can.

My advice for employers, educators and career centres

My recommendations for employers would be if you see that someone is taking the steps to enter a career path, see it as an opportunity to help them grow their career in your company. If a person is going through so much to gain entry into the field, they will want to learn from you and they will give you their loyalty. If you are not sure if they will stay with your company after you train them, you can look at their past employment experiences or you can ask them what their future ambitions are. If you don’t give someone a chance, they can’t prove anything to you.

My recommendations for schools would be in the final year of all programs, there should be a mandatory class where students will learn exactly what to expect in the job market and how to improve their chances. It can be a class that goes over cover letters, resumes, social media, job boards, networking and anything that can be helpful to gain employment.

My advice for students

My advice would be to get into a co-op program or work as intern before you graduate to get any experience you can.

This Student Voice belongs to:

Elizabeth Dorion
Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Labour Studies
University of Windsor

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