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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Adelle Farrelly

#132: Adelle Farrelly – My degrees are my experience, so why won’t you hire me?

“I want to say, in exasperation, that my degrees are my experience! I have five-plus years showing I can write, read, and reason. I have word processing skills! I have research skills! I can edit and proofread!” —Adelle Farrelly, Graduate, McGill University and University of Toronto I always knew in the back of my mindRead More »

Student Voice in Metro: Shahiryar Asif

This week, York University Administrative Studies graduate Shahiryar Asif’s Student Voice story (originally published here July 23, 2012) was published in Metro newspapers across Canada. Want your Student Voice featured in Metro? Click here to share your own story.

#131: Shahiryar Asif – Extra-curricular activities, part-time work and education are equivalent to corporate experience

“Graduates can definitely contribute through their education, their part-time work experience and through their extra-curricular experience.” —Shahiryar Asif, Graduate, York University As I was about to graduate I had not found a full-time job that was relevant to my education or my future goals. The process of finding a relevant job took me six months.Read More »

#130: Kari Merriott: Help students develop more realistic expectations

“Young people think that a university education is the ticket to the good life because that is what is being fed to us through our parents, teachers, friends, and the media. I think it is important to help students to have more realistic expectations.” —Kari Merriott, Graduate, Georgian College When I decided to attend collegeRead More »

#129: Zaid T. – Help students network before their final years

“Emphasis should be placed on developing new skills and educating students on how to gain a competitive advantage.” —Zaid T., Graduate, York University Before my final year at York University, I began to look for opportunities and started to follow up with my networks. It was not as easy as it looked. I was successfulRead More »

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