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Career Centre Voice: University of British Columbia Career Services

“Career ideas can come from really different places that are impossible to be prepared for. I don’t ever talk to students about “planning” a career. Instead, we work together to build the skills to develop the ideas and questions students have.”

Kimberley Rawes, Career Services, University of British Columbia

UBC Career Services empowers students to build fulfilling careers by providing a suite of services:

1) Part-time work on campus through the Work Study and Work Learn programs.

These programs run in two sessions, September-April and May-August, for students to get work experience while they study. Positions are 10 hours a week during the school year, and more during the summer. On average, students can earn $16 per hour or more.

2) Employer information sessions, events and career fairs so that students can connect directly with employers and learn about industries and opportunities.

3) Career development can happen during an internship, part time job, or even during a conversation with a mentor.

We organize events and programs to connect students to employers and alumni through interactive panels, networking sessions, faculty-based mentorship and job search workshops so that students can learn from those who have blazed the trail ahead.

4) One-on-one advising can help synthesize the information students are wrestling with, or fill in gaps and connect students to opportunities that help them gain the insight they are looking for. 

What’s the one lesson you’d like to share with students?

Career ideas can come from really different places that are impossible to be prepared for. I don’t ever talk to students about “planning” a career. Instead, we work together to build the skills to develop the ideas and questions students have.

Get started on developing your career now by coming to a Resumé Clinic, meeting with employers on campus, or attending an alumni panel like Arts Career Expo or Beyond the BSc.

What’s the one lesson you’d like to share with employers?

It can really pay off when you develop long-lasting relationships with students on campus.

Recruiting talented candidates is a constant process, and the career centre is always looking for an opportunity to bring an employer to campus in a variety of ways. Info sessions and career fairs are just a few of the ways we like to engage our employer partners. You can help out at a resumé clinic or offer your advice as a guest speaker, and find your next great hire at the same time.

However, not all of our students are forward-thinkers about their own careers. Parents are encouraging them to study hard and professors are loading them up with their next assignments or exams. Employers can help remind students about the on-going development it takes to build a meaningful career after graduation.

This Career Centre Voice belongs to:

Kimberley Rawes
Career Development Coordinator, Faculty of Science
Career Services
University of British Columbia

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