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Career Centre Voice: Brock University’s Career Services

“Take the time in first and second year to try different experiences, understand yourself and how your skills, interests and abilities can translate into a meaningful career.”

Lisa Kuiper, Career Services, Brock University

We plan and coordinate experiential, mentorship and employer services/events for students to assist them with transitioning from school to work, networking with professionals and connecting to opportunities. Such as:

Corporate mentorship programs – with RBC and TD Bank provide students with the chance to meet with industry professionals

Mentorship Plus – allows student mentors to develop their leadership and communication skills by mentoring first year students.

We offer workshops (online and facilitated) to help students explore and prepare for careers (career planning, job search strategies, resumé/cover letter, interview skills, portfolio development).

We have a Career Resource Centre filled with print materials on a variety of topics (career/job search, further education, what can I do with my degree info, volunteers/internships).

Our website provides detailed information for students including an online job posting board, job search resources, online workshops, career event information.

What’s the one lesson you’d like to share with students?

Don’t leave your career/job search to your graduating year.

Take the time in first and second year to try different experiences, understand yourself and how your skills, interests and abilities can translate into a meaningful career.  It will save you time and money and decrease frustration later on.

When actually applying for jobs many students believe they are good at interviews, but the reality is that most people can improve their interviewing skills.

Take the time to really research an employer before the interview.   Believe me, they can tell if you’ve only scratched the surface in your research.

Also, I find that people don’t really understand the benefits of completing a mock interview until after they’ve done one!  The feedback you can receive on improving your answers to interview questions will really help.

What’s the one lesson you’d like to share with employers?

We appreciate it when employers take the time to give us information about their specific hiring practices.  For example, what they look for in candidates, how a resumé gets their attention, interview dos and don’ts.   Students really take it seriously when the information we give them comes directly from an employer.

We would also like employers to note that students operate on a different schedule and many do not think ahead when it comes to employment.

When most employers try to recruit students in the fall, we feel there is a disconnection with students because they are not prepared (or thinking) that far ahead.  Most of today’s students are so involved in school, work, volunteer activities that they are focused on the now….not the later.

This Career Centre Voice belongs to:

Lisa A. Kuiper
Employer Development Coordinator
Career Services
Brock University

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