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Monthly Archives: May 2011

#83: Carolyn Mann – Employers should include interns and students in their teams for the long-run

“Nothing is more frustrating than putting in long hours and good ideas, and your employer refusing to see you as a long-term member of the team.” —Carolyn Mann, Student, University of British Columbia I just finished my third year of a BA in Political Science at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. I live inRead More »

#82: Akshay Kochar – Research programs to find out which grads fit your company

“[Employers should] find out more about which program students took and what types of courses were involved. There are so many new programs out there that give students a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience.” —Akshay Kochar, Graduate, University of Toronto It was March, university would be done in another month and I had yetRead More »

#81: Alanna Glass – Read between the lines of students’ resumés

“A resumé can be demonstrative of so much more than past work experience. For example, a resumé that is clean and well-organized is often received as a reflection of the person who wrote it.” —Alanna Glass, Student, University of Western Ontario Alanna’s Student Voice was published in Metro across Canada on Sept. 7, 2011. I have beenRead More »

Student Voice in Metro: Heather Bellingham

Each week, TalentEgg chooses one Student Voice submission to be published in Metro newspapers across Canada. This week, University of Toronto at Scarborough and Humber College grad Heather Bellingham’s Student Voice story (originally published here May 16, 2011) was published. Want your Student Voice featured in Metro? Click here to share your own story.

#80: Billy Hennessey – Turn your hobby or interest into a business

“Never dismiss your personal interests – there is probably a way to turn them into a successful business.” —Billy Hennessey, Graduate, University of Western Ontario I started out my university career on a Canadian Meritt Scholarship for a biology degree – my twin sister is now a doctor and at that point we were headedRead More »

#78: Ilya Brotzky – I used experience instead of my GPA to get employers’ attention

“Instead of applying to the usual on campus interview jobs in banking, accounting, consulting, etc., I decided to search elsewhere, and use my experiences and stories to garner attention rather than my GPA.” —Ilya Brotzky, Applied Economics, Cornell University The biggest thing that stands out when I look back at my job search is theRead More »

Student Voice in Metro: Erin Bury

Each week, TalentEgg chooses one Student Voice submission to Metro to be published in Metro newspapers across Canada. This week, Carleton University journalism grad turned Community Manager Erin Bury’s Student Voice story (originally published here Mar. 10, 2011) was published. Want your Student Voice featured in Metro? Click here to share your own story.

#77: Brianne Maxwell – Recognize students as long-term assets, not short-term solutions

“Employers need to work on keeping knowledge within their departments. By constantly recycling students, companies are wasting time, money, and the knowledge that the trained students have.” —Brianne Maxwell, Political Science and Communication, University of Ottawa I am a recent Political Science and Communication (co-op) graduate from the University of Ottawa. I have worked forRead More »

#76: Alex Radu – Teach students to seek jobs outside the recruitment process

“Be persistent (but not annoying), stay true to what you are interested in, and rest assured that you will find a job that is likely an even better fit than you would have found by filling out a standardized application.” —Alex Radu, Commerce, Queen’s University Being in a business program that has strong connections withRead More »

#75: Heather Bellingham – Treat even your youngest potential employees with respect

“My advice to fellow students and recent grads is to take advantage of unemployment. Work on enriching other aspects of your life – you will never regret it.” —Heather Bellingham, Graduate, University of Toronto Heather’s Student Voice was published in Metro across Canada on May 25, 2011.   I was always that kid who knew exactlyRead More »

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