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Monthly Archives: March 2011

#32: Marut Patel – Relying on software and networking to hire excludes great candidates

“Please don’t just follow the software or trust your friends; there are a lot of great minds who are not yet employed because they don’t have enough resources.” —Marut Patel, Wireless Telecommunications, Humber College After completing my bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications in India in 2009, I decided to go for higher education inRead More »

#31: Sarah Sayed – Find out who fits by meeting candidates in person

“Try to introduce an opportunity for potential recruits to meet with company members as part of the application process. A good personality and passion for the organization’s work is much more important in the long term than experience.” —Sarah Sayed, Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa My curiosity and interests lead me to graduateRead More »

#29: Brandon Greer: New grads offer employers a fresh perspective

“Even if a student doesn’t commit to work with an organization after their education, they often have fresh perspectives and ideas to offer, a surprisingly strong work ethic and a great deal of enthusiasm.” —Brandon Greer, Business Administration, Acadia University As a first-year university student, it’s tough to find jobs – especially ones relevant to yourRead More »

#28: Jonathan Suter – Attract and retain high quality talent with your company culture

“A well-aligned culture means it will be easier to attract the talent you are looking for, keep the talent you already have, and get more from your people.” —Jonathan Suter, Bachelor of Commerce, Queen’s University I’ve been through the job search process twice – each very unique experiences. The first time, I was in myRead More »

#27: Matt Hartley – Look beyond grades and degree titles

Photo credit: National Post “Look beyond grades and find people who played a prominent role in extra curricular activities (especially un-elected positions) and entrepreneurial folks who started clubs. Most of what I learned in university happened outside the classroom.” —Matt Hartley, Masters of Journalism, Carleton University Every road into the Canadian journalism industry runs throughRead More »

#26: Robert Kania – Hire the top talent you already interact with on campus

“The companies that work in and around academic institutions should keep their eyes open for bright young talent that they can acquire upon the student’s graduation.” —Robert Kania, English, Queen’s University It was March of 2005, and I was on the verge of finishing an undergraduate degree in English at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.Read More »

#25: Shannon Gallagher – Use social media to attract and interact with future employees

“There is huge potential to interest future (and current!) employees, solicit feedback, and grow/maintain a positive corporate image. Google, Fairmont, and RIM are perfect examples of companies doing it, and doing it well.” —Shannon Gallagher, BMOS, University of Western Ontario I found my current position (as a Marketing Intern at rtraction Canada) through networking onRead More »

#24: Christopher Hirst – Bridge the gap between experience and new technology with grads

“Right now I think its important that businesses look for employees who can bridge the gap between the wealth of knowledge and experience at the top, and the groundswell of change that is being precipitated by new technology, specifically the Internet.” —Christopher Hirst, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Queen’s University I remember very clearly my finalRead More »

#23: Stephanie Balthes – Be more flexible with requirements when hiring grads

“Where do I fit if I am over-qualified for entry level positions, and under-qualified for anything else?” —Stephanie Balthes, International Management, University of Ottawa Being unemployed for over a year, there are many possible experiences I could share as a struggling new graduate. I started my search by trying to find my dream job. WhenRead More »

#22: Amira Dhalla – Hire students and grads who believe in your company’s mission

“When I believe in the purpose of a company, I am 100% more motivated to work hard to help them succeed and will continuously support the company, even after I leave.” —Amira Dhalla, Bachelor of Business Administration, Wilfrid Laurier University Having always had a flare for marketing, I went into university thinking I knew exactlyRead More »

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