Virtual Summer Jobs To Gain Experience


It is now the end of the semester. Exams are over, your notes are thrown out, and all of your early morning alarms are deleted. Summer is fast approaching, and you realize you’re going to have a lot more free time on your hands now. Especially considering the possibility of a nationwide shutdown. Jobs are few and far between, but there is no shortage of virtual summer jobs available to current students and new grads alike. Keep reading to find out where you can find these positions and what to look for when finding a remote job that suits your needs!

Start combing through online job boards!

Job Board

General job boards can be significantly overwhelming when the professional landscape has dramatically changed due to the recent pandemic. Get specific with your search! A great resource specifically for students and new graduates is This online job board focuses explicitly on showcasing entry-level positions to help recent grads and students gain experience. For example, companies like Rogers and Bell are currently running their summer internship programs, which are offered at different times throughout the year. These are great opportunities to familiarize yourself with the company and gain experience at the same time!

Make a list to narrow down your search

Virtual Summer Jobs

Virtual jobs that are great to look for during the summer would be an online camp counsellor, a customer service associate role or even an online summer school tutor. These can be found on However, if you have a company in mind you want to work for, you can usually go directly to their site and into their “careers” section. Most companies will typically list all of the available summer positions around January to April. 

You’ve found something you like, now what?

Now What

There are a few things you might want to consider when looking for a summer job. Entry-level positions are significant to get your foot in the door. Still, you may want to consider if there are any growth opportunities or upward mobility within the companies you’re applying for. You may also want to think about topics such as compensation, company culture, and how this job could act as a bridge toward your next opportunity.

Best of luck

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