Tips to Maintain a Healthy Work/Life Balance During Covid


The pandemic has thrown everyone off, and many are still trying to cope with the aftermath of restructuring their entire lives. When your home suddenly becomes your new office, the lines between your professional and personal life can become quite blurry. This is why having boundaries in place can help preserve your sense of normalcy during such a chaotic time.

Take Breaks When Needed

When you’re working from home, it can be effortless to forget that you are working from home. You may still be performing all of the duties your job entails. Although just working within a different setting means you should still be taking breaks throughout your day. If you’re getting so sucked into your work to the point where you forget to eat dinner most nights, it may be helpful to set alarms for some much-needed break-time. 

Create a Designated Workspace in Your Home 

Having a clear visual indication of where your work-life stops and your personal life begins may actually help you get “in the zone.” This can help you become more focused on your work. You might think working from your bed is the best option since it’s arguably the most comfortable spot in anyone’s home. Still, there is most definitely such a thing as being “too comfortable.” If your space permits, try and create a designated workspace separate from your bed or bedroom to help with overall productivity. 

Keep in Touch with Friends and Family

It can be easy to forget the rest of the nation is experiencing the same shutdown, along with all of the stresses that come with it. Your friends, family, and loved ones might be going through a tough time. Safely reaching out is a great way to stay connected while remaining physically isolated. 



Create a Daily Schedule 

Have the days felt like they’re all blending together? This can happen when you abruptly transition from working a rigid day-to-day schedule to working from home and having to stay on top of all of your responsibilities. Calendars and planners will become your new best friend when trying to maintain a strong level of productivity while working remotely. By simply jotting down a few goals each day and setting time aside to complete them, you will be able to accomplish more without feeling overwhelmed.  

Just Remember…

Working from home is a significant transition that requires deliberate action and change to your regular routines. But working from home has plenty of advantages, and it complements the work habits of some people very well. Whether you love or hate working from home, implementing strategies like these will benefit your productivity and overall happiness and mental health. 

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