What to Do When it Takes Time to Find a Job


Today, job hunting can often be a long and often demotivating process. You may apply for a job you really are passionate about, but get rejected due to lack of experience, having your resume get lost in the shuffle or you are just unable to find something that suits your line of work. However, TalentEgg has got you covered with some suggestions that will help you stay motivated!

Enhance Your Skillset

Pick up some new skills to help build your resume. Whether you build your proficiency by using software or familiarizing yourself with techniques to improve your skills, picking up a new competency will always help you strengthen your resume and work ethic.

Look for Internships or Freelance Projects 

If you are unable to find a steady job, a great way to increase your experience is to take on internships or freelance projects. Many companies are looking for interns to help them in a smaller role. You may start at a position lower than what you initially desired, but take this opportunity as a chance to prove yourself at the company and potentially climb the corporate ladder from there.

Additionally, interns are frequently offered a returning part-time or full-time job if their work ethic has impressed the managers at the company! Moreover, freelance projects are also a great way to prove your skillset. Many companies are looking to take on freelancers for particular time-bound contracts to help the company execute a specific project. If you can get a decent amount of projects on your resume, it can help compensate for a lack of job experience!


In the meantime, try to network with people in the same industry you want to be in as you apply to jobs. To add to this, you can even contact smaller and medium businesses and craft an outreach message to offer your services to them!

Take every day as if you are working a job even if you are not; wake up at a certain time and set up daily or weekly goals for yourself and try to achieve them. This initiative will help maintain a healthy routine and will help you avoid habits of slacking around and becoming demotivated. 

Last but Not Least…

Job rejections can demotivate you, but it is on you to keep moving forward at your own pace, so keep your head high, look forward to your future career, and stay motivated! 

All the best! 

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