What To Do After Getting Rejected From A Dream Job


Landing a dream job is never easy, but it is especially difficult during these times. The competition in the job market is rapidly increasing since the pandemic left industry professionals vying for the same roles as new grads. As a result, professionals have been losing out on job opportunities to their more experienced counterparts. Fortunately for you, there is no need to worry! If rejection emails are piling up in your inbox, these tips and tricks will bring you closer to the offer you have been waiting for:

Expand Your Network

According to Forbes, 70% of openings do not get advertised on job sites. Instead, employers typically prefer to hire applicants they already know through previous networking.  With that being said, this is officially your sign to start getting a head start on building those same relationships! Networking is a great way to develop rapport, learn about company culture, and gain job-specific advice on what experience and skills companies are looking for.

Expand Your Network Through Social Media

If you are unsure of where to start your networking search, try social media! For instance, take the time to like and comment on a company’s Instagram photos, reply to their tweets, and do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn! Companies can see your activity, and since employees are running the company accounts, they are more likely to remember you through frequent (albeit not overwhelming) interactions. Moreover, LinkedIn acts as a company directory, so it is super easy to network with professionals who share your interests. 

Focus On Professional Development

If you are trying to stay busy or keep your mind sharp during your job hunt, then taking professional development courses is a great way to start. Taking the steps to continue your education fills gaps in your resume and shows employers that you are proactive about improving your knowledge and skills. Additionally, a brand new certification on your LinkedIn profile definitely helps too.

Google Digital Garage offers courses to refine your skillset or learn a new subject. These courses are credible, allow you to study at your own pace, and best of all, they’re free!

Work Your Way Up

You have been glued to a company’s careers page, spent hours on your application, and met every requirement just to end up with a rejection. However, if you find yourself in that situation, be open to taking alternate routes. 

Did you know that volunteer opportunities and internships are both paths that could provide meaningful experience and also take you from applicant to employee? Do you want to work with your favourite charity? Volunteer for a fundraising event! Do you want to work in publishing? Intern at a small magazine or independent publisher. Even if you exceed the qualifications for these roles, apply anyways! Instead of waiting for something big to come later, accepting small opportunities now will showcase your commitment and dedication to self-development.  

Remember, to start small is still a start. You can grow into your dream role!

Rejection is hard to face, but it is the best way for us to challenge ourselves! Rejection can amp up our ambition and prompt us to evaluate old structures of thought. That is why you should clear out the no’s from your inbox and make room for a yes. Be tenacious. Be resilient! 

Most importantly, do not forget to do a little happy dance when you land that dream job and share it with us @talentegg on Instagram- we would love to cheer you on!

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