Tips on How to Network When Looking For A Job


Networking is an essential job-seeking strategy. To improve your chances of securing an interview for a job of your interest, you should always take the initiative to make connections with people working in the company to improve your chances.

What this means is you cannot only apply to job posting websites and expect to find what you want there. You need to apply critical research on where you want to be and who to connect with to get there. Networking means connecting with people working in the career sector of your interest. There are many steps to this process:

Do your research

First and foremost, research, research, research! You have to set up a job goal for yourself, what sort of sector you want to be in, what kind of job position or department you would like to be in, what are some potential companies you would like to work for and lastly, study these companies through their websites.

Finding your connections

You can use your research to identify people you can reach out to through emails available on the company websites. However, a more modern way to approach this is using LinkedIn! LinkedIn is an excellent platform for all matters career and job oriented. You can search for the names of the people you want to connect to, make a connection request, or directly message the said person. Another way to find connections is looking for companies that have job postings that interest you, see who has posted these job openings, and try reaching out to them about your potential candidature.

The Approach

Your approach to these connections is very vital. Do not just start the message by asking them for a job. You have to prove to them that you can be of help to them. Ask if you can set up a call or have an email conversation to introduce yourself. During that conversation, you have to convince them on hiring you and how you can help their company in a subtle manner.

Networking through existing connections

If you already have some existing networking connections, try reaching out to them about them, possibly introducing you to someone that may be looking to hire! Once that introduction is made, some groundwork is already done as you know that they are hiring. So at this point, you approach that conversation as an interview and try to impress the employer.

With job demand and endless candidates, you need to make a mark by trying to network your way into a favourable opportunity in today’s day and age. While networking is a strategy and not a guaranteed job, it does help improve your chances, as once a connection is made, it is all on you to impress them! 

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