The Transition from Co-ops to Leaders: Find Success with Rogers


As a high-growth technology leader in the telecommunications industry, Rogers has made it a goal to help employees thrive and unleash their potential by incorporating a supportive work environment. As a company that recognizes the importance of Canadians to the digital world, learn more about how you can kickstart your career with the telecommunications and mass media industry and find success with Rogers.

Recently, we interviewed two employees who first started their careers at Rogers Communications. Ranging from Mobile Developers on Co-op to Campus Coordinators, we were able to uncover some insights on how these two employees were able to achieve career longevity while working at Rogers. 

Whether you are a student looking for your first internship, or you are a recent graduate with a few years of professional experience up your sleeves, Rogers has a place for you! Keep reading to learn more about how you can garner valuable experience, develop your professional growth, and make your possible at Rogers from the different journeys taken by these two employees.

Have you ever wondered what career options you had as a student, especially as you start looking for your first co-op placement?

We spoke with Esha Shetty, who is currently on co-op as a Mobile Developer, to learn about the company and what skills it takes to be a successful employee in the industry.

Esha Shetty
Mobile Developer, Technology Co-op

A bit about Esha:
Esha graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Murdoch University in Dubai, and is currently pursuing her Graduate Certificate in Mobile Application Development from Lambton College to further develop her skills within the mobile domain. As a tech-savvy mobile developer, Esha strives to code her way to success through resolving bug fixes and implementing app feature improvements and further facilitating her career growth through weekly sessions with her managers.

Prior to working at Rogers, Esha had almost two years of experience working in a start-up environment in Dubai. As Esha found a company where she could further develop her career, we asked Esha to share her thoughts on Rogers’ policies regarding the work culture and diversity.

“As I got an opportunity to be a part of two different teams in diverse business areas, one would assume that there might be a gap in the adherence to the company culture among them. However, that was not the case. Rogers does a great job of maintaining its work culture consistently across all the teams in the organization. The best part is that once you are in a team it feels like one cohesive unit and everyone encourages each other to grow and rise. There is a positive attitude to get the work done as a team.”

Although working for a successful telecommunications company like Rogers paved the way for Esha to further gain experience in her career, it did not come without its difficulties. We asked Esha what she found the most rewarding and the most challenging about working as a Mobile Application Developer co-op student at Rogers.

“The most rewarding part would be the feeling of solving an actual real-world problem and seeing my contribution out there being used by people.

The challenging part is the learning curve that goes into initially getting acquainted with the systems and processes the digital team has in place to further the development process.”

Esha had an impressive application and caught the eye of recruiters at Rogers. With her impressive application, we asked Esha for some insight on what made Rogers stand out and how working at Rogers has further benefited her career.

“Before getting a coop in Mobile development, I worked part-time for a year as a part-time Sales representative at a Rogers store. This frontline experience gave me a first-hand insight on Rogers’ work culture and company values. I really enjoyed my time there and even made some great friends. Therefore, when an opportunity to work in my area of interest arose within Rogers, I was eager to get my foot in the door and I have never been happier! Working with the mobile team has been even more fun as I get to work in the field of my interest as well as grow and learn from industry experts at such an early stage in my career.”

Finally, we asked Esha if she had any advice to give to students and recent graduates looking to kick start the beginning of their career with Rogers.

“A skill can be learned in time however the right mindset takes time to build. My advice to future co-ops and new grads would be that work towards building the right mindset and attitude towards your career and seek excellence in whatever you do. Be inquisitive and ask a lot of questions people are waiting for you to ask the right questions and not spoon feed you with the way to do things.”

Recently, Esha has accepted an offer to rejoin Rogers full-time in their New Graduate Program upon graduation. We wish her all the best as she continues to develop her work experience in the software, mobile development, and telecommunications domain at Rogers.

As shown through Esha’s journey, there is always room for passionate and tech-savvy students and new grads looking to begin their careers in the telecommunications industry with Rogers. No matter how inexperienced you are, Rogers is looking for a set of unique and diverse backgrounds, along with genuine interest for the company in all of their applicants.

But what other roles are available to people who have always been interested in the telecommunications and mass media industry with a company like Rogers, especially when it comes to roles outside of Technology?

Alongside Esha, we spoke with Emily Maw who also shared her career journey at Rogers working in the Human Resources department.

Emily Maw
Campus Coordinator

A bit about Emily:
Emily attended the University of Guelph-Humber to study Kinesiology and become an athletic therapist for a professional sports team. However, after four years of undergrad, Emily realized that her interest in Kinesiology had begun to shift. A passion for athletic therapy soon turned toward feelings of dread regarding fitness and exercise in her own life. Unsure of what career path to explore next, a friend of Emily’s recommended she pursue a career in Human Resources. After successfully finishing her co-op with the Campus Team at Rogers, Emily soon fell in love with her new career life.

Prior to working at Rogers, Emily did not have work experience in the Human Resources field, aside from a few classes she took during her time in school. If you ever found yourself interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources, or what your role may look like while working at Rogers, we got you covered. We asked Emily to walk us through a day-to-day routine in her life as a Campus Coordinator.

“Each day is different, it really depends on the time of year. We are very team oriented at Rogers, so a lot of my day is collaborating with not only my team (Campus) but with other teams throughout the business. When recruitment for co-ops is starting to pick up, I usually have meetings and touchpoints with different schools and community partners discussing how we can interact with students across Canada.”

Rogers is a company that strives for their employees to see success. Thinking, “I do not have the relevant experience needed for recruiters to notice me,” is never a mindset you have to worry about with the company. As mentioned previously, Emily was able to find success and really stresses the importance of skill set, dedication and motivation in applications, rather than having years of corporate or post-graduate experience.

“Don’t think about it as “lack of qualifications”. Use your resume to highlight what you excel at! For co-ops, we know you don’t have a PhD and 5+ years of experience… and that is OK! We hire co-ops based on not only the skills you currently have, but how willing and eager you are to learn and grow your skill set with us. We look for the overall potential in students!”

“If it is co-op you are looking for, connect with the Campus Team on LinkedIn, attend events, and always keep an eye out for however your school posts co-op opportunities (our co-op roles are not posted publicly! We only post our co-op opportunities with schools and community partners). If it is a role outside of a co-op, continue to check out our job boards at”

Emily found herself with a fulfilling career after pursuing a role as a Campus Coordinator with Rogers. However, it did not come without its challenges. We asked Emily for the most rewarding and challenging aspects to her job.

“The most rewarding part is being able to see students grow. For example one of the students I recruited for a co-op position, recently just got accepted into our New Grad Program and will be continuing their career with Rogers! Getting to connect with students across Canada is very rewarding!

The most challenging part for me has been either learning how to work virtually without getting distracted (thanks to my dog!) or not being able to give EVERY SINGLE student a position in our co-op program!”

On top of staying motivated and sharpening your skills, Emily advises applicants who are interested in starting their career at Rogers ensure that they are continuously networking. For students specifically, it is always a good start to take the initiative to attend events hosted by the campus team. Emily says it best here:

“Don’t be scared to network! For too long I went underutilizing LinkedIn as a networking tool. As a student or New Grad, LinkedIn should be one of the tools in your toolbox! Don’t hesitate to connect with recruiters and campus teams. Oftentimes I have students ask if they can send me their resume to review, and give them feedback (not all recruiters/campus teams will have the time or capacity to help, but it doesn’t hurt to shoot your shot!)”

The first few months at Rogers for these two employees provided them both with exciting career opportunities, but there are also many factors that should be taken into consideration as you explore your new career in the field. One key piece of advice to take away is to always remember to prioritize your time management.

“The more organized you are, the less stressed out you become,” says Emily. 

Rogers is committed to connecting Canadians to a world of possibilities, and the memorable moments that matter most in their lives. The pandemic has been no easy feat, and we understand the struggles behind searching for that new job. However, don’t skip out on the thought of your new career journey with Rogers. No matter what field you choose, or how many years of experience you have, it is the commitment and drive that truly allows employees to seek career longevity and improve their professional growth for the rest of their careers.

Tune in this month to their company careers site, as many new roles are set to go live. From new opportunities to continuously growing your career, Rogers is focused on promoting and supporting the growth of their employees into their workplace model.

To find success with Rogers and apply for their opportunities, check out their employer profile.