Budgeting Your Time While Working From Home


With more companies shifting jobs over to be remote, students and recent grads may find themselves opting for opportunities that allow them to work from home. Although remote and hybrid positions are nothing new, this mandatory switch is often hard to adjust to, especially on such a large scale. For those worried about making the transition or having difficulty adapting, making a few lifestyle changes could help you with effectively budgeting your time at your remote workplace

Without the regular 9-5, being at home all the time creates an entirely different work environment to get used to. Not only are there plenty of distractions, but depending on the job, the remote work environment can actually feel more self-paced in nature. Although it can be liberating without any inherent structure or any physical person there to act as a force to get tasks done, it’s more important than ever to develop the skill of budgeting time effectively. Especially while working as a student, taking the steps to map out time can be immensely helpful in maintaining consistency and creating a sense of stability. Furthermore, organizing time can encourage work, even if subconsciously, benefitting one’s overall health and productivity. 

Priorities Checklist Gif
High Priority, Medium Priority, Low Priority

One of the best ways to organize time management is to plan out what tasks need to be done first. This can be as simple as making a checklist that prioritizes the nearest deadlines or the most critical assignments. Suppose someone finds themselves procrastinating or having difficulty starting on the very first task. In that case, some may find that adding in micro-tasks that can be easily checked off is helpful and encouraging towards making progress.

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Sticky Notes!

Sticky notes are also excellent physical reminders. Write down tasks and stick them onto the desk, computer, or on the refrigerator. If that’s a bit too tedious, there are also scheduling and reminder apps available to use. However, be careful not to let smartphones act as too much of a distraction. With 24/7 access to the internet at all times and nobody watching over each other’s shoulders, the temptation of quickly catching up on your social media feeds can culminate in hours passing without noticing. Moderation is key!

Calendar Gif

When it comes to budgeting time, it also helps to write out due dates or upcoming events on a calendar—this calendar functions as a visual representation, allowing the ability to assess how to effectively manage time. The simple act of crossing out the days that pass on a calendar encourages better time management, not only because it allows a grasp on how to pace oneself, but can often feel like the very beginning of the day’s routine. 

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Discover Your Own Routine

Establishing and maintaining a routine is crucial for creating that sense of structure similar to getting up and physically going to the office each day. Without the micromanagement of a boss, it’s easy for habits to build up, leading to the development of a chaotic relationship with time that can be difficult to repair.

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Sleep and Self-Care

Despite all of this, routine very much includes setting time aside for proper sleep and self-care. Although time budgeting is a vital part of efficiently working from home, it’s essential for people to take time out of the day for set breaks and take care of their overall health. Remember not to be discouraged if things don’t go exactly according to plan. After all, plans should be malleable and adaptable according to each person’s circumstances.

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