How to Make a Great First Impression at Your Online Job


It’s an exciting new chapter worth celebrating when you finally land that summer internship or start your new job. Although, how can you make a great first impression and fit right in with the company culture while working remotely? Here are some ways you can make an outstanding first impression while transitioning into your new role.

Build rapport with your team and colleagues

During the initial onboarding process, seize opportunities to engage with your team members and colleagues within the company during meetings and events. Engage with your colleagues in a positive professional manner, but also try to get to know them on a personal level to build rapport, especially since you will be working closely with these people every day.

Take the initiative by offering to help

Taking the initiative is a crucial trait that employers seek in those that they work with. Offer to help your manager and colleagues when you are first training on the job. This initiative will demonstrate your willingness to learn and will provide you with an opportunity to share the skills you possess and as well as develop new ones.

Ask Questions!

You are new on the job, so it will be a learning curve as you take on more projects. Nobody expects you to know everything, so take advantage of this unfamiliar time to soak up as much information as possible. Take notes frequently, and do not be afraid to ask for explanations and clarifications. Ask why the company does certain tasks, ask for demonstrations, and shadow a team member as you work on a specific task. 

Participate in online meetings and social events

How do you stand out amongst a large group trying to speak simultaneously during an online meeting? Moreover, how can you learn to be comfortable enough to speak up during these meetings? This process takes time and practice, but remember you have a lot to offer from your previous experiences, and even a fresh perspective matters. Set mini-goals for each meeting, such as sharing an opinion or asking a question, and over time you will build confidence. As long as you continue taking the initiative, turn on your camera, raise your hand and unmute your microphone when it’s your turn to speak, you will settle in smoothly.

Dress for success to build confidence

Even while working from home, it is in your best interest to change into work clothes to be in the right productive mindset and work environment. This routine will help create a different distinction between your work and home, helping you focus more and improve your performance. Your outfit communicates your character and personal brand, and you want to feel the energy of a confident and empowering professional and showcase that during your online meetings.

As you embark on this new internship or job, take this opportunity to network and learn as much as you can. This objective will be an excellent experience for you to develop transferable skills and learn more about your interests and talents, which can lead to many other opportunities in the future. 

Congratulations and good luck on your new role! 

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