Stand Out! How to Get Noticed by Employers


The world, both physical and digital, is a vast landscape of opportunities. Between resume filtering and employer laziness, it can be hard to get past the initial phase of applying through a posting and never hearing back. So how exactly can you get noticed by employers?

When searching for employment, job boards are a great place to start. Surveying the market can allow job seekers to gauge potential employment opportunities — however, they may find themselves spending a lot of time scrolling through the same postings from 30 days ago. It’s not uncommon to feel as if your job search isn’t progressing, and you may end up asking whether you’re searching in the right places.

Checking job boards is a great habit to get into, but it’s also important not to focus on just one task. With digitization hanging the way job searches work, the best method for maximizing efficiency is not to put all of your eggs into one basket. Learn how to diversify your job search to improve your chances of being hired.

A Video Introduction Goes a Long Way

TalentEgg’s Candidate Showcase is a great way to get noticed and recruited by top employers. Along with your resume, you’ll be prompted to upload a short video introduction to showcase your skills and personality. Designed to function as a personal pitch, this video will be visible to employers searching for the best of the best. Employers are more likely to match a face to a name. By crafting a personal introduction, you’ll ensure that your application is much more memorable, allowing you to get ahead of other applicants to increase the likelihood of securing an interview.

The Oldie but Goodie: Networking!

You may have heard many times over that networking is everything and although it’s been said many times, the saying does hold weight. To supplement the conventional process of applying from postings and waiting, networking is a useful way to personalize your job search. Simply letting your friends and family know that you’re searching for employment is a good place to start.

A New Way to Network: Social Media

It’s also great to make networking a habit rather than a necessity of mingling within communities that match the interests of your search. This includes being active on social media, reaching out and making contacts, as well as seeking out recruitment posts or hashtags of interest.

Research Like it’s your Final Thesis Paper

If social media is too overt for your liking, job postings provide a lot of information. From postings, you can easily look up the company and find the people involved in the hiring process, or sometimes the name of the hiring manager. From here, adopting a professional approach shows that you’re interested and available for work. Establishing a good rapport with those in the industry is a great first step to getting your foot in the door.

Getting noticed by employers is a multi-step process, but regardless of the method, the most important thing to remember is the need to put yourself out there.

Good luck with your job search!



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