5 Tips to Prepare for Your Next Video Interview


Do you have a video interview coming up? Interviews can be nerve-wracking but a bit of preparation and practice will help you build confidence and make a good impression. Here are 5 tips on how you can excel your next video interview and show your true self.

Use the STAR method to prepare answers

The STAR method is a great template to follow when you’re preparing your answers. It allows you to organize your answers in detail and prevent you from rambling. Always provide specific and compelling answers to the questions. 

Situation – Talk about a specific event in the past and provide details

Task – Describe what your responsibilities were

Action – What were the specific steps you took to handle the situation?

Result – What was the outcome? What did you learn? How will you handle it differently next time?

Explore common interview questions you will encounter.

Practice your answers to build confidence

One way you can practice for your video interview and build confidence is to do it virtually with a friend. Ask for feedback on your answers, physical location, outfit, and how you conduct yourself on video. 

If you’re uncomfortable practicing with a friend or family, try the video introduction feature available on TalentEgg. It’s like practicing for a real interview. Job seekers can record a video introduction of themselves that is available for employers to find, and employers can contact you directly through your TalentEgg profile.

The best part is that you can re-record your video on the platform directly and as many times as you want until you’re happy with the final product. This is a simple yet effective way for you to practice for a video interview, and showcase your unique personality!

Test logistics before the interview

Employers understand the complications that come with virtual and video interviewing like internet connection issues. However, you can always be prepared. Here is a quick checklist of logistics your should look at before your interview:

  • Is the internet-connected?
  • Is the wifi speed fast enough?
  • The webcam is working?
  • The microphone is working?
  • Speaker volume is high?
  • Does the video interview link in the invite work?
  • Is there an alternative phone number you can call if wifi fails?
  • Anything odd or strange in your background?
  • Is the outfit you are wearing distracting on screen?
  • Is the lighting okay in the location that you choose to do the interview at?
  • Background noise? Did you ask your family or roommates to keep it down during your interview?
  • #PROTIP: have a small screen open on the side with point form notes to jog your memory for answers during the interview

Brainstorm questions to ask during the interview

During the interview, you want to show interest by asking the right questions. You also want to gather more information about the company and role to see if it’s the right fit for you. Some common questions you can ask include: “Can you describe a typical day for this position?” and “When can I expect to hear back?”.

A full list of questions you can ask.

Follow-up with the recruiter after the interview

Always reach out to the recruiter and hiring manager with a thank you note after the interview. This is also an opportunity to follow-up if you haven’t heard back and ask for feedback to improve for future interviews.

You’re ready to ace your video interview. Remember to show off your authentic personality. Good Luck!

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