Be In Demand: TalentEgg Talks with CPA Ontario


A CPA Designation can open doors to careers you never even thought of! It’s not all about accounting and finance. The CPA designation can help you be recognized as an expert in any field.

We spoke with Gloria Annabelle and Sean Mullin in December from CPA Ontario to discuss just what kind of roles, fields, and amazing career paths you can discover with a CPA designation, and how to stand out to recruiters. Watch the full video below!

A bit about Glo and Sean:

Gloria Annable is a recruiter, public speaker and career coach. Glo inspires students to consider careers in accounting and finance and advises them on how to navigate the process. She connects aspiring CPAs to some of Canada’s top professionals and employers. 

Sean Mullin is a recruiter, public speaker and certified teacher. Sean helps business students learn about the CPA designation and coaches them on skills needed to gain a competitive edge in the recruitment process. Sean enjoys helping students make a lasting impression on employers.

Want to connect with CPA Ontario recruiters? 

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