How to Take Care of Your Mental Health This Winter


The winter is usually hard for most of us and now with quartine measures still in place, it can really put a lot of pressure on your mental health. This is why we’ve put together a quick list of exercises you can do at home to take care of your mental health.


Exercise a little bit every day

With the vast majority of gyms closed, the icy weather conditions and lack of sunlight, it’s extra challenging to get in some daily exercise. A little movement does go a long way though! A daily walk around the street, a pushup or a YouTube aerobics routine can get you in better shape, give you motivation for the day and increase your mood. 


Eat a healthy diet that makes you feel your best

What appears to be the best option for the majority of people is a diet primarily centred around low sugar and carbohydrates with an emphasis on plant foods. Excellent foods for your mental health include sugar-free dark chocolate, berries, fish, olive oil and nuts. Experiment with your diet and find what makes you feel the best every day!


Build a daily routine

Wake up and go to bed at the same time each day. Have constant events in your day like a yoga session or an afternoon chat with a friend over Zoom. You don’t have to set a strict, regimented schedule for yourself but create some sense of predictability in this unpredictable time.


Set mini-goals for the week

To curb boredom and build positive feelings making a list of attainable goals can bring a sense of purpose to your day to day life. Maybe you want to cook a new recipe every week or watch every Alfred Hitchcock film (something I shamelessly did in quarantine). Whenever you think of something you’d like to accomplish: write it down and start working towards it.


Take vitamin D daily 

Since the sun’s rays come and go (mostly) during the winter, we all need to make sure we are getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements are typically cheap to purchase but they can also be found in foods like dairy, fruits, vegetables and fish. It’s an extremely important vitamin for your immune system and mental health.


Practice a creative hobby

This winter might be the perfect opportunity to start a creative hobby like painting, drawing, learning an instrument or even reading these TalentEgg recommended books. There are tons of online tutorials and how-to guides to help get you started. A creative practice will allow you the freedom to express any thoughts or emotions you’re experiencing. Plus, you acquire a new skill!


Schedule daily check-ins with friends/family

Host a weekly Zoom meet up with your friends or FaceTime your family for dinner! Even a daily phone conversation with a close friend can help foster support, love and purpose even during the dreariest weather. Here are some other ways you can socialize with people from a distance.


Channel your feelings productively

There will inevitably be days when you lose motivation or spiral into an anxious or depressive frame of mind, and that is perfectly okay. When that happens, do your best to express these feelings through journaling, art or by seeking support from a friend or counsellor.


Minimize your exposure to media

While you should be aware of global updates, it’s not necessary to have notifications popping up on your phone to remind you the world is still in extreme circumstances. Resist the temptation to watch or read the news every day. You will feel much better if you focus on the things you can control. 


For other self-care tips, check out this article from one of our TalentEgg contributors. Stay healthy and stay safe!


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About the author

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