How to Celebrate the Holidays Virtually and Remotely


The holidays are just around the corner! Unfortunately, the end of social distancing isn’t. Don’t let that get you down! There are plenty of creative ways to connect with loved ones this holiday season without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. We know it’s not the same as a face-to-face connection but we can certainly make the most of what we’ve got. Here are four ideas to share the holiday spirit through your virtual screens this year:

Host a party over a group video call

Invite your family and friends to a group call for a virtual holiday party! You won’t physically be together but togetherness is simply about spending time, catching up, and celebrating with each other even through a video call.

To make the experience more personal, suggest eating dinner at the same time so you can still enjoy a holiday meal together. 

Gift remotely

If it’s within your means, explore giving gifts to family and friends remotely with online shopping delivered right to your loved ones. On the day of the holiday celebration, you can even have gifts like flowers, assorted baskets, and sweets delivered to send some love their way!

For a group of friends, make remote gift-giving extra fun, easy, and affordable with a game of Secret Santa! Have gifts delivered anonymously to one another, and save money by only buying one gift.

Watch your favorites together, virtually

Don’t give up on your holiday movie tradition!

You can still watch your favorite movies or TV shows with loved ones remotely using a browser extension like Netflix party, Teleparty or apps like Kast. Alternatively, if you all have the required streaming service, you can also coordinate movie-watching by video calling and pressing play at the same time.

Share an activity

Virtual parties don’t have to be limited to virtual activities. Here are some non-tech activities that can be shared over a video call: agree on a new recipe to try out in your kitchens, make a festive craft together (paper snowflakes, anyone?), or have fun decorating your own gingerbread houses. These are simple but delightful ways to add more warmth and togetherness to your virtual party.

Get creative this holiday season. We know it is hard to spend the holidays without your family and friends but we hope you give these virtual activities a try. Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday!