TalentEgg Talks: Resume Roast with an IBM Recruiter


Have you ever had your resume roasted?

It can be nerve-wracking, but we asked our TalentEgg community to submit their resumes for review by an IBM recruiter and many brave souls responded. For this TalentEgg Talks we selected three resumes that our President, Mary Barroll, and Susan Bebnowski, Campus Talent Acquisition Partner for IBM, critiqued. Find out what resume best practices Susan shared in the video below:

Here is a quick list of tips Susan shared:

1. A recruiter on average takes 6 secs to look at a resume. Make them count.
2. Your resume should include all the requirements from the job posting
3. Highlight key accomplishments and skills.
4. Hyperlink your contact information at the top!
5. Accomplishments should be results-oriented
6. Prioritize quality or quantity in your resume!

Top Tips:

⭐ Keep your resume simple and upload it in pdf format so the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) picks it up.
⭐ Avoid Buzzwords. Make your resume understandable for all audiences.

A bit about Susan:

Susan is a Campus Talent Acquisition Partner for IBM and responsible for sourcing, attracting, engaging, and converting top University talent. She graduated from Ivey Business School, with an MSc in International Business and is passionate about building connections, strategy, and focusing on client and candidate experience. On her own time, Susan enjoys camping, hiking, canoeing, and anything outdoors.

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