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When you think of Honda, a top global automotive brand probably comes to mind. But have you ever considered Honda as a financial institution? Honda provides financial services to customers through Honda Canada Finance Inc. Established in 1987, Honda Canada Finance Inc. provides payment options to Canadian consumers to finance or lease Honda and Acura automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs and power equipment providing Canadians with affordable access to premium products. That means Honda also offers Canadians a variety of exciting career opportunities in finance!

Two Major Services Honda Canada Finance Inc. 

Honda Canada Finance Inc. can be broken down into two major divisions – Consumer Financial Services and Dealer Financial Services. Within Consumer Financial Services, the key areas are Loan or Lease, which includes new and used Automotive, Motorcycles, ATVs and Marine units. The Dealer Financial Services support the dealerships with their businesses which includes Floor Plan and Commercial Loan. Floor Plan refers to handling new and used auto inventory, including non-Honda products, new and used Motorcycle and Power Equipment as well as floorplan insurance. Commercial Loan deals with your more typical finance and banking handlings like Construction and Mortgage loans.

Departments Within Honda Canada Finance Inc. 

While Consumer Financial Services and Dealer Financial Services are the two major services that Honda Canada Finance Inc. is responsible for, there are a large variety of roles and departments that assist with the daily operations and success of Honda Canada as a whole. Which means plenty of opportunities for you to start your career, that extend beyond your typical financial roles! Take a look at the departments across Canada below. 

  • Credit
  • Funding
  • Sales Support & Marketing
  • Field Operations
  • Dealer Financial Operations
  • Collections & Recovery
  • Customer Retention
  • Remarketing
  • Customer Quality Centre

Building a Better World

Honda Canada Financial Services’ mission is to bring joy to people’s lives and create value for our society. Whether that’s volunteering your time with co-workers to clean up shorelines or helping to donate to causes that make the world a better place to live, Honda Canada makes a conscious effort to make a difference in local communities every day. Being part of the Honda Canada Financial Services team means that you’re helping to be part of Honda’s mission while helping to bring to life the vision of affordable high-quality vehicles for everyone. 

If you’re a student or a recent grad who’s looking for egg-cellent career opportunities in the financial sector, then Honda is a great place to start. Discover all that Honda Canada has to offer here.   

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