5 Ways to Spend Your Reading Week During Covid-19


Other than studying for upcoming midterms, reading week is a great time to relax, travel, spend time with friends and family, and generally take a break from the daily grind. Unfortunately, for many people across Canada, reading week looks very different this year. So if you’re looking for some ideas on how to spend your reading week in a socially distant, yet still exciting way, then just keep on reading.

Watch a Show or Movie You’d Never Choose

We know we’ve all had our fill of Netflix binge-watching since the pandemic started. So why not try something completely different and opt to watch a docu-series or a genre that you’d never choose first. You may be pleasantly surprised and end up finding a brand new series to binge. Just in time to settle into during the cooler and darker nights.

Virtual Cooking Classes

As the weather starts to get cooler, why not try some indoor, virtual activities with your friends to pass the time and stay connected? You can either sign up for a cooking class online, or pick out a recipe, hop on zoom with your friends, and have your own virtual cooking night. You’ll be trying something new, learning some new recipes and having a laugh with friends while you’re at it.

Explore Your Area

You would be shocked at how many trails and outdoor activities are in close proximity to where you live! Support local outdoor businesses by planning a day-trip, exploring a new spot and best of all, you’ll feel like you’re travelling to a whole new area right in your backyard.

If you particularly love hiking – Fall is the best time to do it! The colours of the changing seasons are stunning. Download an app like All Trails for hiking trails near you, ranging from expert to beginner! It doesn’t have to be expensive either – so many outdoor adventures are free. Check out our article on reading week alternatives that don’t break the bank here.

Give Back!

Are you transitioning from your Summer wardrobe to Fall and Winter? Now is a great time to go through and Marie Condo your closet. Give back by donating gently used clothing to a local shelter or charity. Many donation bins closed at the beginning of the pandemic and with cooler weather settling in, many organizations are looking for seasonal clothing.

There are also many food drives within your community that you can donate to! Take a look at your community website or local charities for ways you can give back, whether you’re donating your time, clothing or non-perishables!

Mid-Semester Refresh

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with keeping all of your virtual classes and work organized? Reading week is the perfect time once you’ve given your mind a break, to get re-organized for the rest of your semester. Go through notes and readings, as well as your digital files! Is your download folder full of files that make you cringe just thinking about it? Go through both virtual and paper documents, then set up your calendar for the back half of the semester, so you can keep an eye out for deadlines and major papers that will be coming up soon.


Whatever you end up doing this reading week. Take some time to relax and de-stress – hello self-care and some much-needed sleep! As many places are heading into Wave 2 of the pandemic, it’s important to really think about and prioritize your mental health, and reading week is a great time to do just that.


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