Vale: A Learning Organization


In this editorial piece, you will get the inside scoop from the perspective of a Global Trainee Program Coordinator and one of the Trainees she recruited.

Chelsea Hill – Talent Management Analyst / Global Trainee Program Coordinator

In 2019, we hired 7 Vale Global Trainees across Canada to help transform our business by bringing forward innovative ideas and new ways of thinking. Two years later, I continue to be amazed by the caliber of candidates we have hired as part of our Global Trainee Program. My goal has been to contribute to the development of recent grads as they start their career at Vale. However, after the first year of the program, I realized how much the Global Trainees had also contributed to my development.

3 things I have learned from these leaders:

1) Always remain curious

Growing up, we are always told to ask questions. We are reassured that “no question is a dumb question”, yet, we still find ourselves hesitating to ask out of fear or judgement. What I have come to realize is that there is no possibility of change if people do not start by questioning things.

2) Intelligence is important, but so is humility

From a trainee with a degree in Nanotechnology Engineering to another with a Masters in Oil & Gas & PhD in Process Engineering, this cohort has taught me a lot about the mining industry and with every interaction, they have taken the time to educate each other and share their experiences. This program does not need people with certain degrees but rather people with the passion to learn and eagerness to learn from others. The key to their success has been that they are willing to teach and be taught.

3) Own your development

The Global Trainee Program promises to provide recent grads unique development opportunities by providing exposure to different areas of the business. In my role, I try to coordinate opportunities to ensure each one has a positive experience and makes strides towards their own personal career goals. This eager group has allowed me to learn about what makes each of them unique, as we work together to shape their career potential at Vale.

David Onalo – Interim Section Leader, Process Technology, at the Clarabelle Mill in Sudbury

“Vale has allowed me to experience a great deal, get a sense of what I would like to do, and is helping me achieve that. But I want to contribute and know that I am helping the company. I want to make a process work better, make someone’s work safer, or reach the tonnage figures on a shift. I’m learning, building community, making connections, and growing in my career, learning a totally new industry.”

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