Video Interviewing Dos and Don’ts with a Bell Recruiter


If you haven’t experienced a video interview yet during your academic and professional career, we have some news: you will!

Video interviews are quite common and most companies, like Bell, incorporate them at various stages of their recruitment process. But a video interview doesn’t have to be a daunting experience! In fact, it’s an opportunity for the candidate to highlight his or her personality, demonstrate communication skills and forge a relationship with a recruiter.

Take it from Judy Szczytynski, Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Bell.  

Judy Szczytynski
Judy Szczytynski
Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Bell

“Video interviewing is a great way to elevate a general resume application because it allows for recruiters to learn a bit more about a candidate’s profile while also seeing how they communicate on the spot and speak to the role they are in consideration for,” Judy explains.

As the pandemic continues to transform Canada’s work environment to a virtual one, the recruitment process is being transformed as well. Although video interviewing has been around in the recruitment sphere for a while, we’re seeing a dramatic rise in this preferred method of interviewing because of the need for physical distancing due to COVID-19.

Video interviewing can be done live, like a zoom call with a panel of recruiters, or it can be a series of screening questions that you video record your individual answers to and upload the recording to a company career website. No matter the style of video interviewing you encounter, it’s your chance to showcase your best self to a recruiter.

So we asked Judy: from her experience in recruitment, what are some crucial video interviewing DO’s and DON’Ts?


  1. Review the role and the job description before your interview.
  2. Communicate clearly, effectively, and confidently.
  3. Read the questions being asked and don’t add information that doesn’t bring value to your responses.
  4. Practice in advance and try out some mock interviews to get yourself mentally prepared for the process.
  5. Treat it like you would treat a standard in-person interview. Though it’s just you in front of the camera, we still pay attention to professionalism. Dress accordingly, check that your microphone is working, ensure there is good lighting, and have a distraction-free background.


  1. Don’t record your videos outdoors. As tempting as it can be, it is also very distracting with the unpredictable background sounds from external elements.
  2. Don’t read off your answers. You can have your resume in front of you as a reference if needed, but it is very obvious when you have responses prepared in advance and are reading them off your screen.
  3. Don’t record your videos in selfie mode. Though our platform is compatible with computers, laptops, and cellular devices, a shaky arm is distracting and unprofessional.

In addition to these tips, Judy emphases that a memorable interview is in fact the simplest one!

 “Overall, the interviews that stand out the most are when the applicant is confident and follows instructions. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to tell when someone has done their research and can professionally demonstrate that knowledge while also branding themselves as an ideal fit for the role. It’s also a good idea to add some creative flare to your responses to show your personality and the way you think!” adds Judy.

Video interviews are an essential part of the recruitment process at Bell and students and new grads can expect all of Bell’s upcoming roles for the 2021 campus recruitment season to incorporate video interviewing. Learn which roles Bell is hiring for here.

Accessibility at Bell 

Judy says, “At Bell, we don’t just accept differences – we celebrate it.”

Bell understands that not all students and new grads can participate in video interviews, and is dedicated to offer accessibility measures throughout the recruitment process and beyond to ensure a positive candidate experience that leaves the applicant feeling valued, respected, and supported because one of Bell’s key recruitment pillars is diversity and inclusion.

Any and all accommodation requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Since each situation is unique, Bell has multiple measures in place to accommodate all candidates. They work directly with the applicant to determine what adjustments are necessary based on their needs and support their success throughout the process as much as possible.

Through an intersectional approach, they encourage candidates of all backgrounds to explore and apply to available roles. Accommodations are available by request and can be arranged by emailing

Video Interviews to Video Interactions

Also, keep in mind that video interviews are often a glimpse into a company’s culture. Video interactions have now become an integral part of company culture at companies like Bell, and young employees will continue to encounter video interactions as they settle into a new role. Hence, video interviews are a great way for students and new grads to practice making connections with colleagues through a camera.

“Now, more than ever, there is a huge emphasis on staying connected with others, and technology is an excellent tool for that. Though video interactions certainly don’t replace human ones, it’s a great way to collaborate with team members across all business units. For students and new grads, video interactions also allow for a more personalized onboarding experience which ensures they still feel welcomed at Bell despite the current challenges,” says Judy.

Bell is hiring now for their Graduate Leadership Development Program. Students and new grads can apply to a wide range of options across the following business streams:

  • Network
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Bell Media
  • Customer Operations
  • Field Services
  • Bell Business Markets
  • Finance
  • Corporate Services

Learn more about Bell and apply today!

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